That Waiting Thing I Do, Part 2.

So, a few more shifts, a few more pet peeves. In the previous post, a friend commented that everybody should do waitressing at least once in their lives. I have to whole heartedly agree. It’s changed my life and it’s changed my perception of waiters and waitresses.

Now, something that I should point out is that I actually enjoyed doing this a lot more than I had originally thought I would. I had started working at my restaurant in a desperate attempt to try and keep my sinking financial boat afloat. (That, and get out of the house – I didn’t do very well, being home 24/7). I had thought that I would hate every moment and went through my first week with a terrible feeling of dread. But, then I got use to the rhythm of the place, I realized that the owner’s bark is worse than her bite (and if you don’t give her a reason to bark at you – all the better) and I discovered that in a strange way, we’re like a big family.

Also, to my ever present shock, I enjoyed working with the people. I’m naturally not a very pleasant person. I’m a bit of a grouch, and feel that people should dread the day I grow old… It was therefore quite a surprise to realize that I enjoyed all the interactions, the inter politics among the waiters, the loyalty that they show when confronted with a difficult customer. As it happened, I walked in looking for a job and came out finding friends. Corny cliché I know. 😉

None the less, despite the good, I still have a few pet peeves. I have one major peeve that I’ll address in point 21, but I’ll leave it for there.

Are you ready?

Alyss’s Tipping Tips 21 – 25

21) Never walk out without paying. Never. It is theft. Don’t trick your waiter/waitress into leaving the table and thinking that you’re going to stay longer by ordering an extra round. You might think its funny, but it’s not. If you leave, it’s not the restaurant that pays for your bill; it’s the waiter/waitress. If it’s only alcohol and over R150 on a quiet night, your waiter/waitress will pay the full amount and leave with nothing for that days work. Don’t do it, if you do, you’re an arsehole.

22) Remember, waiters/waitresses leave the restaurant as well and some of them have an excellent people recognizing ability and face remembering skill. If said waitress/waiter ever finds you after you’ve walked out on him/her, you’re going to end up with a broken nose. Simple as that.

23) Paying wars. Sigh. Sometimes amusing, but always able to make a waiter/waitress uncomfortable. Decide who’s going to pay before hand. Don’t fight for the bill in the waiter, waitress’s presence. Don’t snatch it from the waiter/waitress’s hands. Don’t tell the waiter/waitress to tell the other person that he/she is being stupid.

24) If you break something expensive, be polite and offer to pay for it. Don’t giggle at the sight of your destruction and leave.

25) Don’t order for something, then cancel it twenty minutes later. You’ll end up paying for it.