NaNo. Still.

So, being just short of my target at 17k words (where I should be at 20k today) I thought I’d once again take a moment to blog. (Read: PROCRASTINATE!!!!)

It’s the 12th day of Nano, and my 8th. I’m still behind, chasing my goal through the chaos of my life. My mum’s been in a terrible car accident, my partner’s computer broke and I had to give mine (willingly) to help and I found out that I’ve got a pretty big interview sometime next week that I have to prepare for. On top of that there’s work, my horse, my dog and everybody and everything else that suddenly demands attention.

I should be panicked, but strangely enough… I’m not.

I’m quite calm because I’m pretty well supported. My partner is great about it all, and very apologetic about the computer, my mum’s alright (essentially) and my horse is my anchor.

I’ve also discovered a few invaluable things (once again) and I would like to share with you what encourages me to continue writing.

1)    My love for it. I’ve been doodling for more than ten years now, having picked up a pen to bleed my thoughts for the first time when I was 10. Even as I’m chasing down this relentless and seemingly impossible target, I find myself enjoying every moment of it.

2)    Coffee. The stuff most NaNoWriMo writers are made of.

3)    My fellow NaNoWriMo’s. I love the forums.

4)    My dog for being with me the whole time. She’s really writing it, I’m just dictating. 😉

5)    Kim Harrison – Author of the Hollows. This woman is incredible, not only is she a real life successful author, but she takes the time to talk to everybody who writes on her blog (and facebook!) and posts advice everyday. She’s a big supporter of the NaNoWriMo authors. It’s great.

6)    Faith. In what? No nothing. Just Faith. Granny Weatherwax type faith. 😉


My story has very little plot, my characters very little sense and I keep falling into terrible editing habits. I can’t write multiple endings, lol, and I’m TERRIBLE at planning. I’ve decided that next year, I’m going to be more prepared.

Have a good day all,