Stretched too thin.

Today, I feel as if I’m being stretched to thin. I think it’s the time of the year but I don’t feel up to coping with my life today. Not in a suicidal way I can assure you, just – if I had the choice, I’d spend the day in my bed and not get out. I haven’t had a day to myself in months, a day in which I could choose what I wanted to do and not be slave to anybody else’s wishes. Or, my own conscience for that matter. I wanted to spend the day writing (something I haven’t done since NaNoWriMo) and just take it easy but, I have to work tonight and now my morning will be taken by my sausage dog who seems to have a bladder infection. She’s very dear to me, and I don’t want to take the chance to ‘wait it out’. The problem is that this is silly season so most of the vets are booked full or not in office. When I’m done with this I have to go and take her so that I can sit at a vet and wait for an appointment. The only consolation that I have is that I’ll be able to take my book along. I might not be able to write but at least I can read then.

Sigh, lol.

I’m not fond of my life at the moment. I’d give up my favourite pair of shoes for a normal job.
And, I’m really worried about my dog.