Doing the dishes.

I’m a terribly lazy bugger. Or a very busy one.

But a bugger none the less.

I have a habit of accumulating dishwashing. I’ll skip washing the dishes in the morning after breakfast, promising myself that I’ll do it in the afternoon. Then, I’ll skip lunch and forget about the dishes. But, right before work – I’ll remember that I have to eat to stop from fainting so I’ll quickly put something together, leaving my dishes for when I come back for work. Work is always tough (waitressing is an ungrateful job) so when I return home, I’m no in the mood for anything except my bed and most certainly not the dishes.

So, it will be left. For another day.
At the end of the day, I’m left with a mountain of dishes that I need to wash if I wish to continue eating. It’s very frustrating because then, something that would’ve taken five minutes ends up taking half an hour.

Correspondence, I’ve decided is like that. I’ve become very lazy in recent years to correspond to emails, friends and text messages in time. In the beginning, it had been depression that stopped me; I just didn’t have the strength to communicate with anybody. The correspondence mounted, and with it the time span between the letters. I started feeling guilty, unable to make myself start a letter that was long overdue and through that – make matters worse. The bitter truth is, I’ve realized, is that I’ve been neglecting my friends. And now, like that marathon dish washing attempt, I’m going to have to make a real effort to get back to terms with everybody.

So, starting today, I’m on a dishwashing correspondence campaign.

I started here, because I’m fairly up to date with my blog, lol, and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.