So, I’m still alive but very tired. I haven’t posted in a while, jerked around by my exterior turmoil that kicked up a whole lot of inner turmoil. Today is the first day in weeks that I have a quiet moment for myself, a morning in which I don’t have to do anything but work later this afternoon. I’m physically exhausted, something which doesn’t happen often with me because I’m very fit. I wanted to go and exercise this morning but couldn’t make it round the block. I suspect it doesn’t help that I’ve picked up two pounds in the past few weeks. Sigh, lol.

My life has settled down again, and I feel like the survivor of a natural disaster, caught between the relief that I’ve made it and the desperate thoughts of what now (by this, I by no means imply that I understand what’s happening to the people in Haiti. It’s terrible, and I know that I’m very fortunate to have everything that I have). My bad luck seems to have ended. My horse is recovering, though it will take a few weeks before I can ride him again. We’re watching him for a relapse but it seems that he’s doing alright. My car’s back from the panel beaters and although I’m now desperately broke, I at least have enough gas to get me to work where I’ll be able to procure more cash. All in all, things seem to have settled down for me at least.

I ask you though to please think of my partner, whose father is very ill. It’s a painful situation, because inevitably, there’s nothing that anybody can do except wait. I can’t go through because it’s too far for a casual ‘support’ visit (my other half’s father collapsed out of town on a business trip and now need to stay there in hospital). There is not much that I can say or do in this situation, and – as with another friend who had lost her father over Christmas, I feel desperately stuck, unable to know what to say or do that will make things better because there’s nothing really that I can do.

I plan to become more active again in the blog from today onwards, wanting to pick up where I left off in December. I have a few new thoughts and personal challenges for the New Year.
For interest sake, what’s yours?