Okay Antonio, Okay. Lol. Stalking me all the way to my blog. I’ll do it. Or try to. Lol. I’ll write your short romance for the month of Romance. I’ll even try and make it supernatural and add a little bit of f/f fluff. I don’t know where this will go, I literally just typed it out in ten minutes. I’ll try to keep it short. I’ll try to finish it.

Lol. I’ll even try to make it readable.

Here you go:


She shuddered, her body aflame and her thoughts scattered like the stars in the universe. She’d have screamed if she remembered how to, but words have dissolved to senseless babble and none of them could describe the agony that she was going through. Everything was crushed inside her, her memories, her dreams, even her name, forgotten now under the pressure of the fever inside her. There was only one way, one sound that could bring release, one gesture to communicate, and relieve, her inner turmoil.

A howl. Clear and strong.

A howl…

A touch of cold dissolved the urge, bringing some of her thoughts together and a touch of pain made her open her eyes. She swallowed dryly and looked up into concerned green eyes, so vivid that it made her think of the forest.

“Ssh,” the green eyes said softly. “Just lie still Vaughn, don’t try to move. Not yet.”

Vaughn? She thought as she remembered how to think. Vaughn… My name. Siobhan.

She swallowed again and tried to reach up, wishing to touch the forest, to feel the cool beneath it’s canopy, smell the freedom that it offered her. “Please,” she found herself whispering. “May I have water?”

Water, a stream, standing in it under the moonlight.

The green eyes, so concerned, turned kind as the face nodded. She could see beyond her companions green orbs now, the slight touch of wrinkles in her face, her dark, greying hair. She knew that she should remember her but she couldn’t, even though her gentle touch was familiar and her voice brought so much comfort.

We’ve known each other for a long time… She realized as the woman carefully held a cup to her lips and lifted a head so that she could drink, the fever inside her throbbing against her temples as it manifested in a headache. What’s wrong with me?

The woman grimaced and glanced at her, clearly unsure of what to say. Had I spoken out loud? Siobhan thought suddenly. I didn’t…

“You don’t remember,” her words were clearly unsure and Siobhan couldn’t understand whether it was a statement or a question so she shook her head slowly either in answer or confirmation.

Her companion didn’t reply immediately, but stood up and out of her vision, only to return what felt like second later with fresh phial of water and a cloth to wipe off her forehead.

“I told you not to follow me,” the woman said sadly, “to just let it be but you couldn’t.” Her green eyes met her own. “Siobhan, you’ve been bitten…”

To Be Continued…

I have to go to work now, lol.