NaStyRoMo – Part 7.

Dudes, I’m glad this day is over, lol. It was hot, frustrating and very very long. Not terrible I have to say, but certainly not one I’d want to repeat. I hate working doubles at the restaurant, probably because I hate working day shift. But, I can’t work for the rest of the week so it was necessary. Anyway.
Firstly – I’d like to say that it’s 50 days to Script Frenzy. As a reminder – Script Frenzy is the sister project of NaNoWriMo in which you have to write a 100 page movie script in 30 days (April). It sounds intimidating, but really – it comes down to between 20 and 30K because the formatting takes up quite a lot of space. Freeware like Celtx makes writing and formatting easy. If you love writing and love a challenge, consider participating – I certainly will be.

Now, on with the show .

Bitten – Part 7.


Vaughn woke up screaming, crying, coughing as the howl that she had wanted to sing almost choked her.

‘Oh god,’ she thought as she returned to herself. ‘I was the wolf. I was there, in my memory, but I was the wolf…’

Crying and frightened she curled herself up in a bundle. ‘What happened to me?’ She thought, sobbing and hot. ‘What’s happening to me?’

There was a low whine and to her increasing horror she understood it immediately, as Romulus’s strong need to comfort her washed through her senses. “No!” she sobbed. “No, no, no.”

He whined again, the wave of security he tried to instil in her ten folding when he put his front paws on the bed and licked her face. More emotions washed over her and her delirious mind put words to them.

‘The Night demons aren’t real, be calm. They are not real.’ His gesture brought no comfort as she pushed him away, frightened.

“They are real!” She sobbed. “I can hear you, they are real!”

Another presence joined them as hands touched her shoulders and back. “Easy Vaughn,” Francis said softly – a note of fear and concern in her voice. “It’s okay, ssh…” When she didn’t respond, Francis carefully lay down beside her and held her close, speaking to her with her body instead of her words. The comfort and familiarity of her presence was too real to ignore and slowly but surely Vaughn felt her raw panic subside. She realized that she was still holding onto Romulus, her hand gripping his fur where she had pushed him away. It must’ve hurt, but he remained quiet, his golden eyes looking at her with a open expression she had never seen before. She sniffed and rubbed at her face, unable to stop crying but feeling quieter within herself. Against her back, Francis, her lover, stirred and rubbed some hair from her face.

“What did you dream?” She queried softly. “Are you alright?”

Vaughn carefully let go of Romulus, smoothing down his fur where she had gripped him and carefully turned around to look at Francis, at her calm green eyes and her worried face.

She remembered.

She remembered how, after that first night, she would repeatedly deliver her order late so that she could spend the night. She’d follow Francis out into the forest where the older woman would howl with Romulus and seemingly every wolf in the forest. She knew then that she should’ve been alarmed by the act – but it seemed so natural, so beautiful that she never questioned Francis’s behaviour. She couldn’t get over how wonderful it was to see the wolves accepting her and acknowledging her. Although Francis asked her, she never had the courage to try howling herself.

When she stayed over, they had to share a bed because Francis’s cottage was not equipped to accommodate two people in the winter. They flowed from being friends to lovers with a comfortable ease and things were good throughout the winter and spring…

It was summer now.

Vaughn looked at her lover, her heart heavy with fear and bewilderment yet, despite herself, she reached out and gently touched the woman’s cheek, tracing the line down her jaw to her chin and up again to her hair where she allowed her hand to rest.

“I know what you are” she said softly looking up into Francis’s deep green eyes that could see so much of her. “You’re a wolf, if not in body then in spirit.” She tightened her grip on her lover’s hair and drew her closer. “If you love me as much as you have made me believe these past few months, then I suggest that you tell me what happened in the forest. Who bit me, and what have I become?”