So that’s where he went… For DA week.

The Nasties are at it again. This week is labelled Demon Appreciation Week in honour of our Kylie’s 20th birthday. J Antonio suggested (he’s always the one leading us off into trouble) that we write a short story to show our appreciation to our Ninja. 😉 I do it with love. Happy Birthday Kylie, this is the start of the best years of your life. Live every moment, love every second and laugh in all the spaces in between. Don’t loose your joy kiddo, you carry us with it.

Minias as a character is the property of Kim Harrison. I do not intend any harm with this nor do I make any money out of it. KH remains the most super cool author, I am merely a shadow trying to be a body. 😉


Her black wings spread out around her like a large, velvety cloak, her head halfway under the bed as she shone the torchlight around.

“Come on out you bugger,” Alyssa muttered as she made a grab for something. “I know you’re down there, I can bloody well sense it.”

There was a pause and then…

“Nothing down here but us Nasties. Go away Batwoman.”

Alyss sat up with a start and banged her head on the top of her bed. “Batwoman?!” she exclaimed as she back pedalled and rubbed her head, her braid pulled askew. “I dare you to come out here and say that to my face.”

“Nice try. I’m not coming out.”

Alyss sniffed and dived back in under her bed. “Ah,” she said in between the two boxes labelled ‘nutrition’ and ‘genetics’. “Just one huh? Knew it weren’t my Nasties. They’d use the front door.” She paused. “Or ceiling in Kylie’s case but…” She paused. “I think I know that voice.”

“Oh dear…”

Alyss sat back again and tapped her fingers on the cold tile floor. With a determined look on her face she stood up and brushed off her clothes. “Right,” she said as a matter of fact. “I give you ONE chance to come out here and show yourself. Otherwise, it’s you me and the hard way buddy. There are a lot more scarier things down there than out here.”

“Name one.”

Alyss looked to the corner of her room and grinned. “My dog.” She said smugly. “Come on out Minias, really dude, it’s time to show yourself. Or, are you afraid of a woman with bat wings?”

There was a soft, surrendering sigh and slowly but surely, the tall demon hauled himself out from underneath Alyss’s bed, his presence dominating her small room. She wasn’t intimidated though and pulled herself up to her full height and pointed her finger at him.

“Just because you have girlfriend trouble,” she started with a shake of her hand, “doesn’t mean that you have the bloody right to hide underneath my bed.” She paused and smelled the air, repelling at the sharp smell of burnt amber. “Stars you reek.” She paused again and sniffed again. “Is that coffee?”

“Yes,” the demon said sullenly. “I’ve brewed a pot, want some?”

For a moment Alyss’s eyes lost focus. “Yes…” She started then pulled herself together sharply. “No! I do not take bribes.”

“Rent?” the demon offered.

“No.” Alyss snapped sharply. “I do not approve of anything male hiding underneath my bed. And making coffee?! How the hell did you manage that?!”

The demon sighed patiently and made a vague motion. “Twisting reality,” he said. “Space is about as relative a concept as time. I’ll tell you all about it if you let me stay a week or two.”

Alyss growled at him and turned around sharply to open up a few windows and her door. “Everybody’s been wondering where you are,” she said. “Bloody Kim Harrison who started this bloody mess thinks you’re dead but admitted that she hasn’t seen a body. I have half a mind to tell her you’re living underneath MY bed to get away from YOUR crazy Newt.” She glared at him. “The other half of me is saying to just call Newt.”

The demon’s face grew cold as he regarded her with his goat shaped eyes. “And, why aren’t you doing it?” he queried.

Alyss sighed and turned back to face him, her wings settling around her like a comfortable blanket. “Because I liked you,” she confessed. “From the moment you appeared in book 5, I really liked you. For a demon, you seemed half bloody decent.” She sniffed again and rubbed her nose. “We’ve got to do something about that smell. And, I don’t think Other Half will approve.”

The demon’s stoic face shifted to quiet appreciation. “It will only be a week, I’ll try and find a new place by then.”

Alyss sighed and made a dismissive gesture with her hand. “If you get a charm to hide that bloody palatable smell of yours and make sure I have unlimited, good coffee at my disposal during April Script Frenzy, you can stay for the month…” She paused suddenly and looked at her desk to an opened envelope. “And, thinking about it, I need a date cause Other Half’s busy this week…”

Minias’s eyes narrowed. “To what?” he queried to which Alyss grinned.

“Kylie’s birthday party.”



NaSty Pixie Tale Part 3

I’m having a quiet day with my family, which is a blessing in its own way, but I’m a bit irritated that it takes time away from me and Other Half. But, be that as it may, it did give me a quick ten minute break to finish this up. I’m sorry for it taking so long guys, lol, to be silent also means that I can’t really write. It’s a bummer. But, this Nasty tale got me out of it so yes, lol. Let’s see where this goes…

Nasty Pixie Tale Part 3

For a moment the only sound in the forest was the rustle of the trees overhead as the wind moved them. Then, abruptly – Kylie leapt off of Phil with an “Ai-yee!”

Marsha barked a laugh but quickly managed to get her mirth under control but her tail gave her away though as it wagged vigorously with amusement where as Mud, although her face remained quite neutral, was making a funny sound in her dry chest cavity from trying not to laugh.

“I didn’t draw you naked!” Kylie snapped as she hid behind Alyssa who had her wings up to cover her face. “Phil-kun!”

There was a shuffle as the indecently exposed, invisible young man picked himself up and brushed himself off.

“I know, I know!” he exclaimed. “It just sort of happened.”

Alyss groaned. “I don’t want to know,” she moaned, her voice muffled though Marsha laughed. “I do,” she said to which Mud went. “Hear, hear! Tell us Phil, where is your clothes?”

There was a shift and an embarrass chuckle as Phil changed location. “Well,” he said. “I don’t really know.” When Alyssa groaned again he added quickly. “I woke up in them, a pair of shorts and an elephant t-shirt. Very cool Kylie, thank you. Anyway, I woke up and I wandered around for a while. I won’t tell you how it came to pass, that’s not important, but I soon discovered that I can go invisible.” He paused and waited to see the women’s reaction but they didn’t seem surprised.

“That doesn’t explain why you’re naked Phil,” Mud said dryly – her rotten features twisted into a grin.

The young man sighed. “You won’t believe me,” he said still sounding embarrassed to which Marsha chuckled. “Trust me – today we’ll believe anything. How did it happen, Phil?” There was another sigh, this time from another direction as Phil was apparently pacing. “I’ve been practicing this all morning,” He said as a matter of fact. “And when I go invisible there is this split second in which I think is cease to exist or something because my clothes just fall off.” There was a snort as one of the women tried to hide a laugh but when Phil tried to see who it was all of their faces were calm and serene.

“A lot of men have that excuse,” Mud said dryly to which Marsha barked a laugh. “Come now you lot,” she said, her motherly tone starting to come through. “The lad’s in a precariously situation.” She looked to where she thought Phil was. “Where’s your clothes love? Did you forget where you put them or what?”

Alyss cleared her throat and slowly lowered her wings, her face tight with a frown. “Before you answer that,” she said sharply. “Tell me this; why were you following us naked?”

Phil sighed, startling them all when his voice came from completely the opposite side of the group. “It’s tied in with Marsha’s question,” he said. “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t come out at first because… I mean, I’m one naked guy around four women. I didn’t think that you would be comfortable with that.”

Mud chuckled. “Phil,” she said as a matter of fact, “If you had just come out and spoke to us, none of this would’ve happened. You wouldn’t have been put in a position where you had to confess to your…”She smiled her half smile. Vulnerability.”

The young man made a considering sound and sighed. “True,” he said. “I’m sorry guys.” Kylie laughed softly and stepped away from Alyssa.

“Gals,” she corrected the spectre. “So, where’s your clothes Phil-kun?”

The young man sighed again. “Back there,” he said though if he had pointed out the direction they didn’t see it. “As I’ve said before, I did some practicing and… well…” They could hear him blush. “I can’t get dressed before I change so I need to do everything afterwards. I was in between transitions when I suddenly heard this splash quite close to where I was. I went over to investigate and saw this huge tiger splashing in a nearby brook.” Kylie groaned. “Antonio-kun,” She said by way of reference, causing Phil to laugh softly. “I realise that now,” he said. “But then I didn’t want to take any chances.”

Mud raised her only eyebrow. “So you left without your clothes?”

There was a sound of Phil shrugging. “No, I ran without my clothes. I’m off the sound belief that it is better to be naked, invisible and alive than clothed and eaten.”

Kylie laughed and looked around, trying to determine where Phil was. “Antonio’s wearing clothes,” she pointed out. “You must’ve seen it Phil-kun.”

The spectre made a considering sound. “He wasn’t,” he stated. “Trust me, when you see a tiger in a strange forest it’s amazing how much details your mind logs in a second.” He snapped fingers they couldn’t see.

Alyssa groaned at his words. “Great,” she said. “Now we have two Naked Nasties roaming Naturally through the forest. Lovely.”

Marsha laughed and patted the sullen woman’s wing covered shoulder gently. “I suspect he took a dip to cool himself off Alyss,” she pointed out. “This fur is terribly hot.” She glanced at Phil. “So you roamed around the forest and found us?”

“Yes,” Phil confirmed. “I returned for my clothes but they weren’t there anymore.”

Kylie blinked, puzzled. “I wonder if Antonio-kun found it,” she said as Marsha sniffed the air.

“We’ll soon find out,” the older woman said. “I think he’s on his way back.” She stepped away from the group and turned. “Antonio!” she called. “Antonio!” The last sound almost slipped over into a howl.

There was a gruff answering sound and before long, the large tiger came trotting through the forest, carrying a bundle of clothes in his mouth. Mud stepped closer to a spot and whispered – her mouth fixed in its dry grin. “Don’t say anything,” she whispered. “Let’s first hear what he has to say.”

There was a confirming “hmm” as Phil stepped back closer to Mud. When Antonio saw them he shifted to an easy leap, covering the ground quicker than they expected him to. Despite themselves, the four women grew silent; uneasy. “We can be lucky that’s Antonio,” Kylie voiced what they all were thinking. “I don’t think we stand a chance to a real tiger.”

The tiger trotted into their midst and reared up on his hind legs, the clothes still in his mouth. Marsha raised an eyebrow and scratched her ear. “Put that down Antonio,” she said with an amused sound. “You don’t know where it’s been.”

Antonio opened his feline jaw and caught the clothes as it fell out, looking embarrassed. “I run a lot faster on four legs,” he said. “It was frustrating having to carry them. What’s up guys? Are you alright?”

Alyss started to shake her head but Mud tugged her braid and grinned. “We’re fine,” she said monotonously. “And I think you’re more capable of answering the first question.” She motioned to the clothes with a quick nod.

Antonio made a considering sound in the back of his throat that sounded almost like a growl. “I found these,” he said. “I think they’re Phil’s.” He frowned at the women who didn’t look surprised. “I looked around where I found him but couldn’t see him…” He paused and ran his one paw through his thick hair. “I ah… think he was skinny dipping and probably got startled by me.”

Alyssa sniffed sharply. “More like Jay-walking,” she said drily. “You smell a bit like a wet dog Antonio.”

The tiger raised a bushy eyebrow and glanced at Marsha. “I found a stream,” he said. “We should all head that way, Phil might return for his clothes and it’s a nice spot to cool down and rest for a bit.” He grinned a tiger-like grin. “I found something else as well, you can’t believe how much ground I can cover!” He waited for the women to respond but realized suddenly that they didn’t seem very excited about what he had to say. All were staring at him with very blank expressions, as if they were waiting for him to notice something. He shifted his weight uncomfortably and shrugged, putting Phil’s clothes down on the floor.

“What’s up guys?”

“Gals,” a voice said out of nowhere and, to Antonio’s shock, Phil’s clothes drifted up from the floor. “You drooled on my shirt Antonio.”

The tiger dropped back startled and let out a snarl, baring his teeth to the unseen spectre. Then, as the girls started laughing, he came back to himself and blinked surprised, looking around bewildered.

“Phil?” he queried and looked at the floating clothes, feeling as if he had lost a very big plot twist in the story.

“In the flesh,” Phil said. “So to speak.”

“Too much flesh,” Alyss muttered under her breath.

“I can go invisible Antonio.”

The tiger’s tail flicked from one side of the other in anticipation. “And you decided to walk around naked?” he queried disgusted.

Phil chucked embarrassed and the clothes flicked around as he motioned to the women. “They can explain it all to you while I go get dressed,” he said. “If you’ll excuse me ladies…”

Kylie grinned. “Take all the time that you want Phil-kun,” she said as Mud grinned with a touch of mischief shining in her eyes. “Just say if you need a hand.” The zombie added.

They could almost hear Phil blink as Marsha laughed. “Mud, you’re married,” she pointed out to which the zombie laughed and the clothes quickly drifted away from the group.

“True,” the zombie said smugly. “But I’m also falling apart. I’ve got bits to spare and believe in lending people a helping hand.”

“Physically?” Kylie queried amused to which Mud nodded.

“Use your gifts wisely,” was all she said with a chuckle. “Let’s quickly tell you what you’ve missed Antonio, before he comes back. Poor lad’s in quite a precariously situation…”


The Sound of Silence.

I think that one of my favourite songs of all time is the Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkle. I grew up listening to it as my mum’s quite a big S&G fan. It puzzled me when I was younger, because I couldn’t understand that silence might have a sound but I loved the lyrics none the less. Now that I’m older I love it for its bitter sweetness. I haven’t thought about the song in a while but now, with my own silence crying within me, I couldn’t help but return to the place the song created in my mind for me when I was younger.

A week ago I heard that a job I had really been bargaining on had turned me down. More to the point, the guy had downright lied to me, saying that they’ve decided not to hire anybody when I knew from another source that they were still looking for someone. It was a very hard blow and I’m only now starting to realize how hard it had been. In one moment I realized and felt that I’ll most probably be stuck in my jobless limbo for the next couple of weeks, waitressing to keep myself afloat financially. Although I love the people that I work with, I’ve come to hate the job. I hate playing the meek and mild waitress; I hate being humiliated by people. I hate being flirted with, I hate allowing more people than I’m comfortable with into my own personal space. It had been a strange realization when I lay there on my back a week ago, staring at the ceiling knowing that there was no answers, no escape for me. The realization has made me grow quiet inside myself. Like a hollow chamber, an empty room or an empty bucket. Devoid of anything useless.

Today, I have to once again start to set in motion a couple of events that might lead me to get a job. Emails. Phone calls. Job applications. The thing was that I’m so tired of being disappointed, I’m not sure I want to start. But, I will. I have to. If I want to stop being a waitress I have to carry on and pick myself up further.

Getting a job would mean no more double shifts. I’m doing my third one this week.

So, sigh wish me luck. J

Those who support me, thank you. It means a lot and I have to say, you guys carry me onwards.

Entering the Black Magic’s Sanction.

The sound of the church door opening was loud in the quiet room, the creaking door swinging open almost by its own accord. There was a shuffle, a pause and then a quick couple of steps deeper into its sanctuary. Rachel Morgan, who was coming from the kitchen with a cup of coffee and the afternoon paper only had a second’s warning as she heard her name shouted with joy. Before she could turn around she was tackled from the side, a GLOMP resounding through the kitchen, shortly followed by the heart wrenching sound of her cup breaking on the church floor.

“Rachel?” Came ivy’s panicked call from the inside of the sanctuary. “Are you alright?”

“Rachel!” The force on top of her echoed Ivy’s cry. “Rachel, I’m so glad to see you!”

Rachel – with her heart racing, tried to turn around but the excited person had a death grip on her. “Ah,” she managed wondering who it be and if she had forgotten an appointment. “Ah…”


She saw Ivy’s boots stop a few steps from her and turned her head so that she could look at her partner, hoping that the vampire could supply some answers. She could see that her friend was just as surprised as she was her eyes black and dominating as she looked at the spectacle.

“Rachel,” she asked softly, visibly holding herself back as her gray silk voice slicked through the air like a blade. “What’s going on?”

Rachel swallowed, wishing she could see the person squeezing her half to death with what sounded like a happy sigh. “Ah, I don’t…” She never got to finish her sentence as the weight on top of her shifted suddenly. “Ivy! It’s great to see you!”

The weight shifted all together and Rachel was left alone on the floor, staring in horror as a mass of colour, hair and what appeared to be a large black cloak storm her partner. Ivy tried to step back but her vampire speed wasn’t enough to save her. Again, a GLOMP resounded through the church, this time attracting Jenks’ attention as well.

“Sweet mother of Tink!” he yelled as he flew into the room. “Who the hell is biting who? I swear by… Who the hell is that?” His gaze fixed on the spectacle that had once been Ivy. She was now pinned to the ground by a young woman with a waist length braid and a strange black cloak that was wrapped around her shoulders. She seemed pretty pleased, seemingly drinking in Ivy’s presence with her eyes but Ivy was furious.

“I know that I said that I’d only be here in April but I managed to come and early and… and now I’m here!” She glanced up and grinned at Jenks. “Hey pixie!”

Rachel hesitantly picked herself up from the floor, wondering if she should save her roommate or wait it out and save her assailant. Ivy’s eyes were black murder as she stared at the young woman. “I’d suggest,” she said in a low voice. “That you get off of me.”

Instead of being afraid as she rightfully should’ve been, the young woman jumped up in a furry of black and wind. It took a second for Rachel to realize that it wasn’t a cloak but a dark set of black wings that were on her shoulders. She wasn’t the only one who saw it as both Jenks and ivy cursed simultaneously, the curse foreign sounding on Ivy’s tongue. The three of them stared at the spectre shocked, but the young woman in her white minstrel shirt, hipster jeans and bat wings grinned at them unbothered as her wings automatically wrapped themselves around her shoulders again. She took a deep breath and flicked her braid out from the folds of her wings. “It’s great to be back!” she said with a wistful sigh and disappeared without warning, leaving the three roommates to stare shocked in her wake. Ivy was the first to speak, holding herself back as she struggled with the instincts that were triggered by her shock. “What was that?” she said, clutching the front of her shirt.

“Give me a flying fuck if I know,” Jenks exclaimed. “Where those bat wings Rachel?”

Looking at her destroyed coffee cup, Rachel brushed herself off and frowned at her room mates. “I think,” she said hesitantly. “I know what it is…” she looked around the room as if expecting more. “I think it’s a NaSty Reader that’s escaped the Drama Box…”

NaSty Pixie Tale Part 3

Well, I figure that I’m in trouble, sort of. The story’s settling into a rhythm, which means that it might go from short comedy to long adventure… (laughs) I should’ve told myself that I don’t do shorts!! For interest – if characters are written out of a scene, it means that I have more plans for them later, and frankly – I struggled dealing with so many characters in one place. I instinctively divide my characters into groups of four because that’s the most I can comfortably deal with. This is a good exersize for me because I’ll end up with NINE! So, anyway, onwards – enjoy. More Author’s Note at bottom.

Nasty Pixie Tale Part 3

“So, you’re not angry with me for drawing you as a zombie?” Kylie queried an hour later as they strolled though the forest. “I mean… It must be pretty awkward.”

Mud chuckled dryly as she lurched forward at a steady pace that could cross worlds. “No more awkward,” she started, “then being a tiger, a wolf or a woman with bat wings.” She pointed out. “Given that this won’t be a permanent state of being I’m rather enjoying it.”

Kylie grinned and looked behind her – Antonio had ran ahead to scout the area and Marsha was walking behind with Alyssa who was struggling to keep up with their steady walking pace.

“I’m fitter than this,” she heard Alyssa tell the older woman, her face flushed and covered with sweat. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Marsha chuckled and rested a comforting hand on Alyss’s shoulder. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you,” she said in a tone that almost bordered on motherly patience. “I just think you’re meant to fly – not walk.”

Alyssa gave her a sceptical look and shook her head. “Impossible,” she said. “The human body’s not…” she had to swallow and take a breath. “Aerodynamic. And too heavy. I won’t even glide.”

Marsha chuckled and squeezed her shoulder. “Are you afraid of heights?”

Rubbing her brow, Alyssa shook her head. “No,” she said with earnest. “I’m afraid of falling and ergo, the ground.”

Again Marsha chuckled and patted Alyssa’s back. “That’s reasonable,” she said. “Though I want you to consider a few things. One – we’re all seemingly well adapted to be our Chibi’s. Antonio and I, once we got the hang of it, didn’t think twice about running with four feet or two for that matter. Mud comfortably reattaches her arm whenever it falls off and she had managed to direct me with her arm to find her miles away. Kylie leaps into trees with a single bound and I can assure you – when we get into a fight she’s going to kick some serious ass.”

Alyss looked at her sceptically. “I’m not sure where you’re going with this,” she said with a small smile to which Marsha laughed, her tail wagging.

“I’m telling you to look at yourself,” she said. “From what I’ve gathered, you’re an active person yet here you are, puffing away after what could only be two miles’ walk and you have almost no muscle on your legs and arms yet – I can feel them moving here…” she squeezed her shoulder and abruptly dropped down to all fours and sniffed the air.

“Think about it Alyss.”

She trotted ahead to the others where she stood up on her hind legs again. “Any sign of anybody else?” she queried. “This is going to sound silly but I think I smell something.”

Kylie shook her head. “No,” she said. “I was about to go and find Antonio. I think we need to stop and rest, I’m starving!”

Marsha raised an eyebrow and realized that she was as well. “You’ve got a point, I wonder what’s around?”

Kylie grinned and motioned into the trees. “When I was still alone,” she said. “I saw a deer and some rabbits. Maybe you and Antonio-kun can…” She paused. “Well, you know…”

Marsha’s eyes went wide. “You mean hunt?!”

“Yes!” Kylie exclaimed with a grin. “I know this nifty trick to start a fire and I discovered a few blades and neat stuff about my person. I’m sure we’ll manage.’ She glanced at Mud. “You’re not hungry yet, are you?”

Mud shook her head with a half smile and stopped so that Alyssa could catch up. “No,” she said. “but, I’m all for resting a bit.”

Alyssa – who had just joined them again, gave her a side ways look. “To my knowledge,” she said. “Zombies can’t get tired.”

Mud chuckled in her dry zombie manner. “Granted,” she said. “I think it’s more a force of habit. Like breathing. I don’t have to do it, but I still feel as if I need to.” She glanced at the youngest. “What is it Kylie?”

The young woman had gone very quiet and was looking around her. “I don’t know,” she said softly, her voice suddenly devoid of its usual cheer. “I feel as if we’re being watched.” She turned sharp eyes on Marsha. “You said that you smelled something?”

The wolf nodded. “Yes,” Marsha barked. “And the smell’s been getting stronger. I’m not sure what it is, but – it’s not one of us.” She sniffed the air again. “It’s fainter now.”

Alyssa looked around her uncomfortably. “Maybe its left,” she said and took a step back, her hand straying to her face to push up glasses that weren’t there. “What do you sense Kylie-chan?”

The ninja donned her mask, her eyes narrow slits. “I don’t know,” she said dangerously. “But I’m going to find out.” She started to head in the direction of the trees but in a movement quick as lightening Marsha grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her back.

“Hang on Kylie,” she said sternly. “I think you should wait for Antonio.”

Kylie looked irritated and rebellious when she moved out of Marsha’s touch. “I’ll be fine,” she protested. “Really Marsha, I’m a ninja. It’s going to have to be something really frightening to best me.”

Marsha made a sound close to a growl. “And I’m taking responsibility for you,” she said. “You’ll wait for Antonio.”

Kylie grumbled something but one firm look from the wolf made her drop her head and pout. “Yes Mom,” she said exasperated, much to Mud and Alyss’s amusement. “I still sense something and… it’s getting closer.”

The group shifted uncomfortably and looked around them, trying to spot what ever was coming their way. Marsha dropped to all fours again, sniffing the air and growling softly. “I can still smell it,” she said. “Though I think it’s trying to move down wind…” There was a sudden crack to their left and Marsha lunged in its direction but Mud was quicker. “Alyss!” she yelled. “Open your wings!”

Alyssa blinked startled and turned around sharply to look behind her, her wings opening with a sharp thud of flesh meeting flesh. Marsha, who had pounced towards where the twig had snapped, turned around with lightening speed and lunged as Alyss quickly moved out of the way as Kylie too leapt forward as well. There was an ‘Oomph’, a fierce snarl, a yelp of pain and something that could only be a ninja war cry. Alyssa quickly joined Mud and stared at the spectacle wide eyed as Kylie and Marsha battled with an invisible foe.

“Call Antonio,” Mud said quietly, watching the fight. “You’ll have to do it; I don’t really have vocal cords.”

Alyss nodded and turned around quickly, realizing too late that her wings were still spread. When she felt them jolt against her back she realized that she had knocked Mud off of her feet…. Literally.

“Ag kak man,” Alyssa cursed softly as she bend down and quickly helped Mud find her footing. When she had the zombie reassembled she leapt up and readied herself to holler Antonio’s name but before she could she heard a clear and out of breath: “Uncle, uncle!”

The fighting stopped instantaneously.

Helping Mud to her feet, Alyssa gaped at the spectacle in front of her. Both Kylie and Marsha were crouched on the floor, Marsha’s teeth bared and a knife in Kylie’s hand but of their assailant there was no sign. It took them a moment or two to realize that Kylie actually appeared as if she was gripping something.

“Uncle!” the spectacle said again. “Please Kylie let go of my hair.” The Ninja froze and frowned.
“You know my name?” she queried. “How?”
The invincible spectre coughed. “I’m ah… Phil.”
Marsha stopped bearing her teeth but didn’t stan up. “Ah Phil?” she queried. “You don’t sound very certain.”
The spectre coughed again though this time it sounded embarrassed. “Ah, it’s not that,” he said. “I’m just in an awkward position.”
Mud seemed amused. “Awkward position?” she queried.
“Ah yes,” Phil said. “Kylie, please get off my chest. Please.”

The Ninja started to relax but she still had her blade out. “Show yourself first,” she said.

There was a lengthy pause. “Ah,” Phil said after sometime. “I can’t.”

Marsha, who had also started relax, sat back, her gaze fixed on the empty spot in front of her. “You can’t?” she queried. “Are you invisible?”

They could sense that Phil was becoming more awkward. “Ah, no,” he said. “Right now yes but not in general. No. I just can’t appear before you right now, at this very moment.”

There was another long pause.

Alyss, looking very suspicious, took a step closer. “Why?” she queried and peered at the blank space.

With a heavy sigh, Phil gave up. “I’m…” he paused. “I’m naked.”


To Be Continued…

If you want to know why I decided to make a character (and friend ;)) naked, read the pervious comments on the last two posts. I should say in a disclaimer that no naked Nasties were harmed during the production of this chapter. They will however be careful what they wish for I suspect. ;P