Entering the Black Magic’s Sanction.

The sound of the church door opening was loud in the quiet room, the creaking door swinging open almost by its own accord. There was a shuffle, a pause and then a quick couple of steps deeper into its sanctuary. Rachel Morgan, who was coming from the kitchen with a cup of coffee and the afternoon paper only had a second’s warning as she heard her name shouted with joy. Before she could turn around she was tackled from the side, a GLOMP resounding through the kitchen, shortly followed by the heart wrenching sound of her cup breaking on the church floor.

“Rachel?” Came ivy’s panicked call from the inside of the sanctuary. “Are you alright?”

“Rachel!” The force on top of her echoed Ivy’s cry. “Rachel, I’m so glad to see you!”

Rachel – with her heart racing, tried to turn around but the excited person had a death grip on her. “Ah,” she managed wondering who it be and if she had forgotten an appointment. “Ah…”


She saw Ivy’s boots stop a few steps from her and turned her head so that she could look at her partner, hoping that the vampire could supply some answers. She could see that her friend was just as surprised as she was her eyes black and dominating as she looked at the spectacle.

“Rachel,” she asked softly, visibly holding herself back as her gray silk voice slicked through the air like a blade. “What’s going on?”

Rachel swallowed, wishing she could see the person squeezing her half to death with what sounded like a happy sigh. “Ah, I don’t…” She never got to finish her sentence as the weight on top of her shifted suddenly. “Ivy! It’s great to see you!”

The weight shifted all together and Rachel was left alone on the floor, staring in horror as a mass of colour, hair and what appeared to be a large black cloak storm her partner. Ivy tried to step back but her vampire speed wasn’t enough to save her. Again, a GLOMP resounded through the church, this time attracting Jenks’ attention as well.

“Sweet mother of Tink!” he yelled as he flew into the room. “Who the hell is biting who? I swear by… Who the hell is that?” His gaze fixed on the spectacle that had once been Ivy. She was now pinned to the ground by a young woman with a waist length braid and a strange black cloak that was wrapped around her shoulders. She seemed pretty pleased, seemingly drinking in Ivy’s presence with her eyes but Ivy was furious.

“I know that I said that I’d only be here in April but I managed to come and early and… and now I’m here!” She glanced up and grinned at Jenks. “Hey pixie!”

Rachel hesitantly picked herself up from the floor, wondering if she should save her roommate or wait it out and save her assailant. Ivy’s eyes were black murder as she stared at the young woman. “I’d suggest,” she said in a low voice. “That you get off of me.”

Instead of being afraid as she rightfully should’ve been, the young woman jumped up in a furry of black and wind. It took a second for Rachel to realize that it wasn’t a cloak but a dark set of black wings that were on her shoulders. She wasn’t the only one who saw it as both Jenks and ivy cursed simultaneously, the curse foreign sounding on Ivy’s tongue. The three of them stared at the spectre shocked, but the young woman in her white minstrel shirt, hipster jeans and bat wings grinned at them unbothered as her wings automatically wrapped themselves around her shoulders again. She took a deep breath and flicked her braid out from the folds of her wings. “It’s great to be back!” she said with a wistful sigh and disappeared without warning, leaving the three roommates to stare shocked in her wake. Ivy was the first to speak, holding herself back as she struggled with the instincts that were triggered by her shock. “What was that?” she said, clutching the front of her shirt.

“Give me a flying fuck if I know,” Jenks exclaimed. “Where those bat wings Rachel?”

Looking at her destroyed coffee cup, Rachel brushed herself off and frowned at her room mates. “I think,” she said hesitantly. “I know what it is…” she looked around the room as if expecting more. “I think it’s a NaSty Reader that’s escaped the Drama Box…”