NaSty Pixie Tale Part 3

I’m having a quiet day with my family, which is a blessing in its own way, but I’m a bit irritated that it takes time away from me and Other Half. But, be that as it may, it did give me a quick ten minute break to finish this up. I’m sorry for it taking so long guys, lol, to be silent also means that I can’t really write. It’s a bummer. But, this Nasty tale got me out of it so yes, lol. Let’s see where this goes…

Nasty Pixie Tale Part 3

For a moment the only sound in the forest was the rustle of the trees overhead as the wind moved them. Then, abruptly – Kylie leapt off of Phil with an “Ai-yee!”

Marsha barked a laugh but quickly managed to get her mirth under control but her tail gave her away though as it wagged vigorously with amusement where as Mud, although her face remained quite neutral, was making a funny sound in her dry chest cavity from trying not to laugh.

“I didn’t draw you naked!” Kylie snapped as she hid behind Alyssa who had her wings up to cover her face. “Phil-kun!”

There was a shuffle as the indecently exposed, invisible young man picked himself up and brushed himself off.

“I know, I know!” he exclaimed. “It just sort of happened.”

Alyss groaned. “I don’t want to know,” she moaned, her voice muffled though Marsha laughed. “I do,” she said to which Mud went. “Hear, hear! Tell us Phil, where is your clothes?”

There was a shift and an embarrass chuckle as Phil changed location. “Well,” he said. “I don’t really know.” When Alyssa groaned again he added quickly. “I woke up in them, a pair of shorts and an elephant t-shirt. Very cool Kylie, thank you. Anyway, I woke up and I wandered around for a while. I won’t tell you how it came to pass, that’s not important, but I soon discovered that I can go invisible.” He paused and waited to see the women’s reaction but they didn’t seem surprised.

“That doesn’t explain why you’re naked Phil,” Mud said dryly – her rotten features twisted into a grin.

The young man sighed. “You won’t believe me,” he said still sounding embarrassed to which Marsha chuckled. “Trust me – today we’ll believe anything. How did it happen, Phil?” There was another sigh, this time from another direction as Phil was apparently pacing. “I’ve been practicing this all morning,” He said as a matter of fact. “And when I go invisible there is this split second in which I think is cease to exist or something because my clothes just fall off.” There was a snort as one of the women tried to hide a laugh but when Phil tried to see who it was all of their faces were calm and serene.

“A lot of men have that excuse,” Mud said dryly to which Marsha barked a laugh. “Come now you lot,” she said, her motherly tone starting to come through. “The lad’s in a precariously situation.” She looked to where she thought Phil was. “Where’s your clothes love? Did you forget where you put them or what?”

Alyss cleared her throat and slowly lowered her wings, her face tight with a frown. “Before you answer that,” she said sharply. “Tell me this; why were you following us naked?”

Phil sighed, startling them all when his voice came from completely the opposite side of the group. “It’s tied in with Marsha’s question,” he said. “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t come out at first because… I mean, I’m one naked guy around four women. I didn’t think that you would be comfortable with that.”

Mud chuckled. “Phil,” she said as a matter of fact, “If you had just come out and spoke to us, none of this would’ve happened. You wouldn’t have been put in a position where you had to confess to your…”She smiled her half smile. Vulnerability.”

The young man made a considering sound and sighed. “True,” he said. “I’m sorry guys.” Kylie laughed softly and stepped away from Alyssa.

“Gals,” she corrected the spectre. “So, where’s your clothes Phil-kun?”

The young man sighed again. “Back there,” he said though if he had pointed out the direction they didn’t see it. “As I’ve said before, I did some practicing and… well…” They could hear him blush. “I can’t get dressed before I change so I need to do everything afterwards. I was in between transitions when I suddenly heard this splash quite close to where I was. I went over to investigate and saw this huge tiger splashing in a nearby brook.” Kylie groaned. “Antonio-kun,” She said by way of reference, causing Phil to laugh softly. “I realise that now,” he said. “But then I didn’t want to take any chances.”

Mud raised her only eyebrow. “So you left without your clothes?”

There was a sound of Phil shrugging. “No, I ran without my clothes. I’m off the sound belief that it is better to be naked, invisible and alive than clothed and eaten.”

Kylie laughed and looked around, trying to determine where Phil was. “Antonio’s wearing clothes,” she pointed out. “You must’ve seen it Phil-kun.”

The spectre made a considering sound. “He wasn’t,” he stated. “Trust me, when you see a tiger in a strange forest it’s amazing how much details your mind logs in a second.” He snapped fingers they couldn’t see.

Alyssa groaned at his words. “Great,” she said. “Now we have two Naked Nasties roaming Naturally through the forest. Lovely.”

Marsha laughed and patted the sullen woman’s wing covered shoulder gently. “I suspect he took a dip to cool himself off Alyss,” she pointed out. “This fur is terribly hot.” She glanced at Phil. “So you roamed around the forest and found us?”

“Yes,” Phil confirmed. “I returned for my clothes but they weren’t there anymore.”

Kylie blinked, puzzled. “I wonder if Antonio-kun found it,” she said as Marsha sniffed the air.

“We’ll soon find out,” the older woman said. “I think he’s on his way back.” She stepped away from the group and turned. “Antonio!” she called. “Antonio!” The last sound almost slipped over into a howl.

There was a gruff answering sound and before long, the large tiger came trotting through the forest, carrying a bundle of clothes in his mouth. Mud stepped closer to a spot and whispered – her mouth fixed in its dry grin. “Don’t say anything,” she whispered. “Let’s first hear what he has to say.”

There was a confirming “hmm” as Phil stepped back closer to Mud. When Antonio saw them he shifted to an easy leap, covering the ground quicker than they expected him to. Despite themselves, the four women grew silent; uneasy. “We can be lucky that’s Antonio,” Kylie voiced what they all were thinking. “I don’t think we stand a chance to a real tiger.”

The tiger trotted into their midst and reared up on his hind legs, the clothes still in his mouth. Marsha raised an eyebrow and scratched her ear. “Put that down Antonio,” she said with an amused sound. “You don’t know where it’s been.”

Antonio opened his feline jaw and caught the clothes as it fell out, looking embarrassed. “I run a lot faster on four legs,” he said. “It was frustrating having to carry them. What’s up guys? Are you alright?”

Alyss started to shake her head but Mud tugged her braid and grinned. “We’re fine,” she said monotonously. “And I think you’re more capable of answering the first question.” She motioned to the clothes with a quick nod.

Antonio made a considering sound in the back of his throat that sounded almost like a growl. “I found these,” he said. “I think they’re Phil’s.” He frowned at the women who didn’t look surprised. “I looked around where I found him but couldn’t see him…” He paused and ran his one paw through his thick hair. “I ah… think he was skinny dipping and probably got startled by me.”

Alyssa sniffed sharply. “More like Jay-walking,” she said drily. “You smell a bit like a wet dog Antonio.”

The tiger raised a bushy eyebrow and glanced at Marsha. “I found a stream,” he said. “We should all head that way, Phil might return for his clothes and it’s a nice spot to cool down and rest for a bit.” He grinned a tiger-like grin. “I found something else as well, you can’t believe how much ground I can cover!” He waited for the women to respond but realized suddenly that they didn’t seem very excited about what he had to say. All were staring at him with very blank expressions, as if they were waiting for him to notice something. He shifted his weight uncomfortably and shrugged, putting Phil’s clothes down on the floor.

“What’s up guys?”

“Gals,” a voice said out of nowhere and, to Antonio’s shock, Phil’s clothes drifted up from the floor. “You drooled on my shirt Antonio.”

The tiger dropped back startled and let out a snarl, baring his teeth to the unseen spectre. Then, as the girls started laughing, he came back to himself and blinked surprised, looking around bewildered.

“Phil?” he queried and looked at the floating clothes, feeling as if he had lost a very big plot twist in the story.

“In the flesh,” Phil said. “So to speak.”

“Too much flesh,” Alyss muttered under her breath.

“I can go invisible Antonio.”

The tiger’s tail flicked from one side of the other in anticipation. “And you decided to walk around naked?” he queried disgusted.

Phil chucked embarrassed and the clothes flicked around as he motioned to the women. “They can explain it all to you while I go get dressed,” he said. “If you’ll excuse me ladies…”

Kylie grinned. “Take all the time that you want Phil-kun,” she said as Mud grinned with a touch of mischief shining in her eyes. “Just say if you need a hand.” The zombie added.

They could almost hear Phil blink as Marsha laughed. “Mud, you’re married,” she pointed out to which the zombie laughed and the clothes quickly drifted away from the group.

“True,” the zombie said smugly. “But I’m also falling apart. I’ve got bits to spare and believe in lending people a helping hand.”

“Physically?” Kylie queried amused to which Mud nodded.

“Use your gifts wisely,” was all she said with a chuckle. “Let’s quickly tell you what you’ve missed Antonio, before he comes back. Poor lad’s in quite a precariously situation…”