So that’s where he went… For DA week.

The Nasties are at it again. This week is labelled Demon Appreciation Week in honour of our Kylie’s 20th birthday. J Antonio suggested (he’s always the one leading us off into trouble) that we write a short story to show our appreciation to our Ninja. 😉 I do it with love. Happy Birthday Kylie, this is the start of the best years of your life. Live every moment, love every second and laugh in all the spaces in between. Don’t loose your joy kiddo, you carry us with it.

Minias as a character is the property of Kim Harrison. I do not intend any harm with this nor do I make any money out of it. KH remains the most super cool author, I am merely a shadow trying to be a body. 😉


Her black wings spread out around her like a large, velvety cloak, her head halfway under the bed as she shone the torchlight around.

“Come on out you bugger,” Alyssa muttered as she made a grab for something. “I know you’re down there, I can bloody well sense it.”

There was a pause and then…

“Nothing down here but us Nasties. Go away Batwoman.”

Alyss sat up with a start and banged her head on the top of her bed. “Batwoman?!” she exclaimed as she back pedalled and rubbed her head, her braid pulled askew. “I dare you to come out here and say that to my face.”

“Nice try. I’m not coming out.”

Alyss sniffed and dived back in under her bed. “Ah,” she said in between the two boxes labelled ‘nutrition’ and ‘genetics’. “Just one huh? Knew it weren’t my Nasties. They’d use the front door.” She paused. “Or ceiling in Kylie’s case but…” She paused. “I think I know that voice.”

“Oh dear…”

Alyss sat back again and tapped her fingers on the cold tile floor. With a determined look on her face she stood up and brushed off her clothes. “Right,” she said as a matter of fact. “I give you ONE chance to come out here and show yourself. Otherwise, it’s you me and the hard way buddy. There are a lot more scarier things down there than out here.”

“Name one.”

Alyss looked to the corner of her room and grinned. “My dog.” She said smugly. “Come on out Minias, really dude, it’s time to show yourself. Or, are you afraid of a woman with bat wings?”

There was a soft, surrendering sigh and slowly but surely, the tall demon hauled himself out from underneath Alyss’s bed, his presence dominating her small room. She wasn’t intimidated though and pulled herself up to her full height and pointed her finger at him.

“Just because you have girlfriend trouble,” she started with a shake of her hand, “doesn’t mean that you have the bloody right to hide underneath my bed.” She paused and smelled the air, repelling at the sharp smell of burnt amber. “Stars you reek.” She paused again and sniffed again. “Is that coffee?”

“Yes,” the demon said sullenly. “I’ve brewed a pot, want some?”

For a moment Alyss’s eyes lost focus. “Yes…” She started then pulled herself together sharply. “No! I do not take bribes.”

“Rent?” the demon offered.

“No.” Alyss snapped sharply. “I do not approve of anything male hiding underneath my bed. And making coffee?! How the hell did you manage that?!”

The demon sighed patiently and made a vague motion. “Twisting reality,” he said. “Space is about as relative a concept as time. I’ll tell you all about it if you let me stay a week or two.”

Alyss growled at him and turned around sharply to open up a few windows and her door. “Everybody’s been wondering where you are,” she said. “Bloody Kim Harrison who started this bloody mess thinks you’re dead but admitted that she hasn’t seen a body. I have half a mind to tell her you’re living underneath MY bed to get away from YOUR crazy Newt.” She glared at him. “The other half of me is saying to just call Newt.”

The demon’s face grew cold as he regarded her with his goat shaped eyes. “And, why aren’t you doing it?” he queried.

Alyss sighed and turned back to face him, her wings settling around her like a comfortable blanket. “Because I liked you,” she confessed. “From the moment you appeared in book 5, I really liked you. For a demon, you seemed half bloody decent.” She sniffed again and rubbed her nose. “We’ve got to do something about that smell. And, I don’t think Other Half will approve.”

The demon’s stoic face shifted to quiet appreciation. “It will only be a week, I’ll try and find a new place by then.”

Alyss sighed and made a dismissive gesture with her hand. “If you get a charm to hide that bloody palatable smell of yours and make sure I have unlimited, good coffee at my disposal during April Script Frenzy, you can stay for the month…” She paused suddenly and looked at her desk to an opened envelope. “And, thinking about it, I need a date cause Other Half’s busy this week…”

Minias’s eyes narrowed. “To what?” he queried to which Alyss grinned.

“Kylie’s birthday party.”