Sweet Revenge.

Last week, and the week before, I had to go to work sick because none of my fellow waiters were willing to stand in for me. It was bad, because I was actually very sick, first with a stomach bug and then with a flu like illness that would’ve had me bedridden had I not been for forced to drag myself up and go work. This was agonizing and I had thought that I’d almost be better off just quitting my job and applying for a new one when i got better.

But, as with most illness’s, it passed and I’m now back and bouncy (or as bouncy as I can be really…). I’ve retaken my position as a horse riding instructor at a local riding school, so my afternoons are now not just monopolized by the restaurant and, I actually have a valid excuse when people ask me to work for them…

Which they are doing quite a lot at the moment because I made half of the waiters (and one manager) ill.

Call me evil (call me NaSty…), but I can’t help but feel very truly, and deeply satisfied.