Surprise Surprise.

Right. I don’t have a lot to say today. I had a very long, very unprofitable double shift today which encompassed me not getting any lunch. I feel as if food have this conspiracy against me to just not be available and, when it’s available (when is it not in a restaurant) I’m not able to sit down and eat it… But there you go, nothing that I can do about it but stop at a garage late at night and buy some orange juice.

A friend of mine, Kylie from the Nasties, wrote this blog post today – and unable to help myself, I had to write a part of my own.
Here we go:

Father of our Children…

And sometimes, the world surprised her.

The man was gorgeous. Charming. And smiling at her. Alyss, dressed up in her uniform which she had fondly termed, ‘the bat suit’ tried very hard to keep herself from swooning as she stared at her new customer. He was taller than she was, well muscled, foreign with black hair and beautiful green eyes. When he looked at her, he seemed to see ALL of her and it was disconcerting that she felt she wanted him to see more. Much more…

Her ovaries were doing a happy dance, chanting over and over: ‘Father of our children… Father of our children…’

Alyssa had to mentally shake herself several times before she could focus on the man’s order and, unable to give her usual response, she just nodded ever so slightly, blushing profusely and mumbling.

“Sure… Tea. Right.”

She left the table, her world turning as she tried to find her equilibrium again by touching the silver ring on her wedding finger.

‘Father of our children… Father of…

“Woman, wrap up those ovaries and put them away.”

Alyss blinked surprised at the familiar voice and turned to see a customer lower the newspaper that he was reading and look at her over the frames of his shades.

“I swear Other Half can hear them…”

The goat like slits of his eyes was narrow and laughing at her and for a split second Alyssa wasn’t sure whether she could hug him or choke him.

“Minias!” she snapped. “What are you doing here?!”

The demon from The Hollows pushed his glasses back up his nose and lifted up the newspaper again. “I was persuaded to set your mind at ease,” he said off handily. “Rest assured, I’m not gone, I just had business to attend.”

Alyss sniffed, catching the hint of burnt amber in the air, and shifted her tray, thinking about the order that she had to put through. Her ovaries started singing again but she quickly pushed all thoughts of babies aside.

“Persuaded?” she queried dryly to which the demon nodded. “By whom?”

Minias didn’t answer immediately, chewed over his words. “An unstoppable force,” he said eventually and dropped the newspaper again. “Don’t you have an order to put through?”

“In a second,” Alyss said. “Unstoppable force…” She blinked then grinned at the fugitive. “Kylie found you didn’t she?”

When the demon didn’t respond immediately she knew she had him.

“Hmm…” she said and took away from the table. “That’ll teach you, never cross a Nasty.”

The End because I’ve got to go to bed…