Witch Appreciation Week – Part 1

So, it’s our friendly blue haired witch’s birthday!! 😀 I’d just like to say Happy Birthday Aheila. I hope that it will be a great year for you. This is part 1 of 2 for my part in Witch Appreciation.
The next will follow as soon as I can. J



Why Witches?

Alyss stared at the screen, willing the words to come to mind, begging them to leap onto the page and let the story write itself. She was about to start a sentence when the now familiar smell of burnt amber drifted to her senses. Looking down, she frowned to see Minias climb out from underneath her bed, satchel and bag in hand.

“Going out?” she queried to which he gave her a strange look.

“Of sorts,” he said. “What are you working on?”

Alyss sighed and looked at the screen again that was still staring at her blankly.

“It’s witch appreciation week,” she said. “And, I have to write something. Or, not have to but want to only… When I try to do planned writing everything sort of falls flat and now I can’t even spell my name!”

Minias looked at her from behind his smoked spectacles and shrugged. “By your own admission, you are a pantser,” he said. “Don’t plan, just go with it.”

She smiled her thanks and turned her attention back to the screen, attempting a few words. “When will you be back?” she queried by way of farewell. Again Minias stopped and gave her that funny look.

“I’m not.”

Alyss almost dropped her computer from her lap. “What?!” she queried as she spun around to look at him. “Wha… Why?”

The demon sighed patiently and motioned to her bed. “You said I can stay until the end of the month. It’s the 30th.”

Alyss blinked bewildered and then looked at her calendar. “Not in Canada!” she exclaimed. “I mean… Not yet. Not now. You… Your coffee…”

Minias shook his head. “That was the deal.”

Alyss was horrified but tried not to show it. Sniffing, she stood up slowly then sat down. “Ah, yes.” She hesitated. “Of course. Uhm. Take care Minias, thanks for all the coffee. I’ve grown very fond of it.”

The demon sighed again and smiled slightly. “Would you like another cup?”

“Yes!” Alyss exclaimed. “It helps me think. I can’t write without it.”

Minias sighed patiently and put his bags down. “Right,” he said. “Tell you what, I’ll stick around until you finish your piece for Witch Appreciation. It’s the least I can do after you put up with me for a month.”

Alyss smiled relieved and stood up to help him carry his bags back to his dimension under Alyssa’s bed. “I really appreciate it Minias,” she said. “Your coffee’s great.”

The demon made a considering sound and disappeared.

Feeling happier, Alyss sat back down and tried to write. When her roommate returned with her usual cup of caffeine delight, she still hadn’t even written a title. He stared at her screen for a few moments then sighed.

“Don’t delay on my accord.”

Alyssa grimaced and closed her laptop. “It’s not just that,” she said. “But, I’ll confess – I want to rework our deal.”

The demon’s eyes narrowed but Alyss quickly held up her hands. “No marks, No souls. Nothing. Just… Stick around. I enjoy the company, I love the coffee. And, believe it or not, you’re pretty inspirational in your own way – if only to drag me away from my game…”

“Kicking and screaming…”

“When I need to go to bed. When you don’t have to go, don’t. If you need to, do. But, you can stay here as long as you want. Just, please… Give me coffee.”

The demon raised and eyebrow then smiled slightly. “Well, if you put it that way,” he said. “So, do you have anything?”

Alyss grinned and started typing.

“Yes,” she said. “How does this sound? Where do Witches come from?

Minias rolled his eyes and went back in underneath the bed. “Sounds like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel,” he said. “I’m going to go and unpack my bag.”

Alyss stuck her tongue out at him and stared at her paper, very happy. “You’ll see,” she said. “You’ll all see.”


To Be Continued…