Witch Appreciation Week – Part 2

Right, and I’m back! This one’s got more to do with Witches, lol, I had no idea what to write previously. Without further a due, I present to you part two.

Where do Witches come from?


It’s perhaps a question that has been baffling historian, authors and little children for years. They appear everywhere, in events of great change, malice, as bearers of prophesies and harbingers of doom. Some are English, some are Afrikaans, and some are green for reasons unknown to us.

So, in this humble piece in honour of Witch Appreciation Week, your author has decided to compile a directory of some of the most known witches in history and the present.


  1. Liewe Heksie.

    Perhaps the least scariest witch ever to walk the face of the earth, Liewe Heksie (translated as Dear Little Witch) was the first witch I’ve ever encountered. Her native language is Afrikaans and she lives in Blommeland (Flower world) with a bunch of dwarves, a cat and on the odd occasion a horse Griet that magically appears when she exclaims: Oo Griet! (translated as Oh dear!). She’s kind hearted, forgetful, does not understand big words, rarely does magic, is colour blind because she keeps calling the wicked Yellow Witch, Purple. She supports two braids, wears a black pointed hat with a black dress and high heeled shoes.

    Her favourite past time is working in her garden, spending time with her best friend Blommie (aka Flower) and I suspect looking for her socks.
    She suffers from sinus, which makes her speak in a very nasal tone of voice… (or so the author suspects anyway).

  2. Wicked Witch of the West
    Perhaps one of the most misunderstood witches in all of history, the Wicked Witch of the West, resides in OZ, speaks American English, and is a healthy emerald green colour… She too wears black as a favourite attire, has a bunch of minons at her disposal and had a sister, The Wicked Witch of the East, who was tragically crushed by a HOUSE when the tyrant Dorothy came to Oz with her little yappety yap dog Toto. She spends her time trying to figure out how to get the Ruby Slippers back from Dorothy, which Glenda (the ditsy witch from the North) gave to the child. Her reason for doing so is simple – it will go wonderfully with this red dress that she’s got in the wardrobe that she wants to use to impress the Wizard of Oz, on whom she’s got a secret crush.

    The author suspects that she too suffers from sinus…

  3. Rachel Morgan

    A classic modern day witching living in Cincinnati, Rachel Morgan enjoys shopping, spending time with her friends Ivy and Jenks, and bringing in the bad guys no matter what the cost. With red hair and green eyes, she’s the classic example of an irish beauty, an image long associated with witches and their kind. Her native language is American English though she is known to burst into spontaneous bouts of Latin. She spends her time fighting bad guys, fighting good guys and attending lessons with her demon teacher Al. She does not suffer from sinus (though she is allergic to sulphur) but she does have a little problem with a specific mutation that threatens to turn her into a demon.

    The author suspects that she’s gay but is in EXTREME denial.

  4. The White Witch

    One of the oldest witches around, The White Witch tries to be the Queen of Narnia, the country on the other side of the wardrobe. She spends her time in an ice castle surrounded by the statues of her unruly followers. It’s true what they say, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer… She likes to wear a streaming, white dress, wears a crown and, after a little lion hunting, can be seen supporting a scarf made of lion’s mane. She speaks British English, but can presumably speak the old tongue of magic. Her most loyal followers are the black dwarves and all the hideous mythological creatures, showing us that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts but on the inside.

    The author suspects that she is highly allergic to cats…

  5. The Blue Haired One.

    The Blue Haired witch is one of the most powerful witches around, skilled in various forms of magic including technology magic, binary magic and being able to fulfil various rolls like spying, espionage and, presumably – though this is just a rumour… Dancing. Able to give 125% in everything that she does, she is highly skilled in the soughed after talent of Multitasking. She is a teacher as well, showing us that the saying of: Those who can do, those who can’t teach… Is wrong for this witch can do anything. With blue hair, a black pointy hat and presumably a black dress, this witch’s native tongue is French, though she is also capable of speaking English. She likes hanging out with Nasties and a young woman called Cassidy. Able to bend all manner of words to her will, she’s a true gift to those who know her.

    This witch resides in Canada. Where all the snow is.

    The author suspects that she is a force to be reckoned with and that great things are in this witch’s future.


What this proves, is that witches are everywhere. Although there are many differences in all of them, one thing is certain – they are wonderful additions to our lives, our imaginations and our friendship rings. Where do witches come from? Well, they come from inside all of us. From our imaginations, our hearts and… Our blogs. 😉


The End.