Words that Wait.

Dear Author,

I realize that it has been some time that we have communicated. You have been quite busy, your mind taken by some of my other brethren. I thought it wise then to tell you that I am still here, waiting. Who am I you might ask? Why – I am your words.

And I can wait for you, no matter how busy you are, not matter where you are, no matter what you are planning to do, I will be here, waiting. Because I am patient, I am constant and I am available whenever you need me. Sometimes there is a block between us, but that block is easily overcome. If you cannot find a way to scale the block or break through it, search for new words – there are many of us and we are eager to please. Sometimes, the road which those words lead you on will bring you back to me. And I will be here, waiting.

I would like to remind you please that you have quite a few WIP’s to complete. That stands for Works In Progress if you have forgotten. I will send a list of them to you attached to this letter though there is one that I feel I must point out specifically. Please take note that next month is NaStySuMo – National Story of Superheroes Month. In it, you and I will be requeried to work together to create any work of fiction that will involve characters of a supernatural origin, using their powers for good or evil. Knowing you, it will be evil. I do not mind working with second hand words (termed fan fiction) but I enjoy creating something new as well. Any of these options will be viable, as long as you just have fun.

Please remember though, that I am patient. If you do not think that there are any words available for it now, just wait, we will come. You can participate at any time during the month of August. Ideas come and go, but words remain forever.

I would please like to attach the following link to prove the validity of my statement.

Letters frozen in time arrive after 60 years – Telegraph.

I would like to thank you for your time and know that I will see you soon. If you cannot come soon, please be at ease, for I am always patient.

Your Words.

3 thoughts on “Words that Wait.

  1. Jenn July 27, 2010 / 1:42 pm

    LoL, that was very well written. I have not checked out the link yet, but I did very much enjoy what you said. I though maybe it was your concious talking to you…but I guess not! Nice one!

  2. Fyrefly July 28, 2010 / 3:37 am

    Wow imagine getting a letter after all that time, how weird would that be to read.
    I wrote a letter to myself once, when I was twelve or so. I put in a case, wrapped it up in shiny blue wrapping paper and I was gonna open it the next day but forgot about it. Five years later I found it, this pretty little blue-wrapped box and thought ‘what the heck is this thing?’. So I opened it, thinking I had found some long lost presant or somthing, only to find a folded piece of paper with ‘From me’ scribbled across it. I found it quite odd, hearing from my twelve year old self, kind of funny too- until I read the stupid thing, it wasn’t a very nice letter, made me bloody cry n’all. Walked around the rest of the day in a very I-hate-puppies kind of mood.
    Twelve year old girls from the past can be so cruel…

    • Alyssa July 30, 2010 / 12:33 am

      When I was in school my english teacher used to make us write a letter to ourselves once a year. It was interesting always to see how views change. We can be cruel, but we learn to be kind. 🙂 Life changes us, moulds us into what we need to be. And, we wouldn’t learn how to be good if we did not meet the bad. So, don’t pay yourself any mind when you were younger, you didn’t know anythign that you know now. 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

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