NaStySuMo – Part 6 – The Road of Fame

I have this meagre excuse of writing to offer to you tonight. 🙂 I’ve been sick so my writing energy has all but disappeared today. But, I hope that you can enjoy it none the less! Slowly but surely, the plot moves forward. 😉

Hopefully I’ll produce more next week.

Part 6 – The Road of Fame

Hawk showed up that evening, bringing her clothes, McVites HobNob biscuits and the charger for her PSP, an action for which Fame could’ve kissed him.

She considered Hawk to be one of her only true friends. A weak branded Evolutionate himself, he got his nickname from the bright green spiked Mohawk that he supported. She met him when she had just started working in the shop and they have been confidants ever since. Hawk had the unusual talent of being able to make green things grow. A year ago the ‘agency’ for Evolutionates had come to pick up Hawk and retest him to see if his abilities could somehow be used but, after being gone for almost a month, he returned declaring proudly that they couldn’t even use him to start a biological plague. The only thing he was good for was working in a plant nursery in Ludlow close to Hereford. He took care of the young seedlings and raised them to age where they could be sold successfully at a fraction of the time it would normally take. He even hired himself out occasionally to work in people’s gardens though nobody ever took him seriously because of his hair.

He didn’t seem too concerned with the EPR’s appearance and, knowing a little bit more about the system, tried to reassure Fame that it was only standard procedure.

“Trust me Fame,” he said as he opened up the packet of biscuits he had brought for her and popped one into his mouth before offering her one. “If they were interested in you, they would’ve taken you. You know how things work.”

Fame, who had managed to take the oxygen tube from her nose, closed her eyes and shook her head. “Ah didn’t want to ha’ to explain to them,” she said. “Ah don’t like them questioning me.”

Hawk smiled at her and tucked into her biscuit as well. “Who does?” he said. “If you didn’t want the attention Fame, you shouldn’t have sent in Lara.”

The mention of the tomb raider made Fame grimace. “Ah need ye to do me a favour,” she said. “Ah need ye to go home an’ turn off me console. Ah need the Wanderer to go an’ see if Dogmeat’s back in the game. They shot him Hawk an’ from what ah can tell, he just disappeared.”

Her friend made a considering sound and nodded just as a nurse entered the cubicle. “She asked about him,” he said. “I’ll tell her. Though… You know how they are around me.”

Fame glared at him as the nurse opened the curtain and gave Hawk a firm look. “Visiting hours are over,” she said. “You can come in again tomorrow.”

“Just go an’ see,” Fame continued a little bit more cautious now that the nurse was around. “Please Hawk. Just pass on the message and turn off the console. ’tis important.”

Patting her leg, Hawk nodded and put the biscuits next to her bed. “Will do Fame,” he said. “I’m sure he’s fine though, don’t look so worried. Remember the rule about gaming. It’s Not Real.”

Fame couldn’t muster a smile as the nurse, with a grumble in Hawk’s direction, put the oxygen line back in Fame’s nose and hooked the ends around her ears.

“You don’t understand,” she whispered as her friend and his carefree manner left. “It is to me…”

To Be Continued…