A Plastic Plant named George

Well, I don’t know whether that’s its name, or whether it likes it. That’s what I’ve decided to call it and the little plastic plant is going to have to live with it.

I’ve just finished my second day at my new job, one which I spend in my own, personal office. Nobody was more shocked than I was when I was given a key. My office is interesting. Although it’s been vacant for a few months, it’s accumulated all sorts of interesting things over time. A whole bunch of lecture banners, old magazines, a pocket knife, three t-shirts with my company logo on, tons of papers with feed trial results, pamphlets related to the products which I’ll be working with, a Chinese fan and… George.

I like George.

My routine has changed overnight. Gone are the days that I slept till 8am, (though, bear in mind I normally only went to bed at about 2am in the morning) and where I could make use of office hours in which to do my shopping, administration and general business. I was now set in a 7:30am to 4:30pm schedule, with a 15 minute tea break at 10am, a half hour lunch break at 12:30pm and another tea break at 3pm. I’ve been in doors al day, reading up on literature pertaining to my company and its products. I have remembered stuff that I’ve forgotten from University, have come face to face with the stuff that I have forgotten and I’ve seen the pattern of a path that started not a day ago, but years ago when I was still studying.

To explain a little about myself, I had gone to university with the idea that I was going to become a vet. I love animals and I was told that I’m bright enough so that seemed like the logical course of action. But, things changed while I studied and before I knew what was happening, I found myself on a path of animal production and genetics. My course was hard, but satisfying and I definitively didn’t have time to spare with extra modules. It was therefore very strange for me when I realized that I was always wishing to learn more, to spread my wings outside that of my field. I had had a natural knack for organic chemistry and decided to try my hand at biochemistry (specifically Immunology). I was told that it was a waste of time, that I wasn’t going to use my three chosen subjects in a single profession. I ignored everybody and continued with my crazy workload anyway. I completed my degree with tons of credits to spare and was offered a Master’s position at two of the faculties. But, being me, I chose to spread my wings and rather go see the world. I went to England where I focused mainly on the practical side of animal production, my genetics and biochemistry forgotten.

I thought that I had wasted my time (and money) but, as it turned out, I was wrong. Pleasantly so.

My new job utilizes all of those subjects, with genetics forming its base. As it turned out, it seems that I’ve been on the right path all along.

So, as I sat in my office today with George, my mind fried with all of the information that I’ve been trying to absorb, I felt strangely content and happy. Daunted by the new job naturally and the routine of getting up before the sun (grr, bloody cheerful birds, grr) but reassured that I could do this. That I’ve been prepared a long time ago.

I just needed to remember.

And learn to think.

And focus.