I used to remember a time (about a decade and a half ago) when winter used to flow carefully into spring, with cold nights and mild days. With rain and soft sunshine.

Those times have passed and for the past five to seven years, spring has come abruptly, early and without mercy, plunging us from figures below twenty Celcius degrees to temperatures above thirty. There is no time for acclimatization, no time to admire the view. Just full blown summer, right at the door.

My life’s been a bit like this. I went from a very long winter, into instant summer, with everything that I have been waiting for just flowing together in a matter of four weeks. In less thirty days I went from being unemployed, working as a waitress, to being employed and working at a pharmaceutical company in my field. I went for a brief holiday to the Cape region of our country, caught up with all the friends that I have been neglecting the past year and found a strange calm inside myself which I have been sorely lacking. I still don’t know what changed, what brought the rhythm that let everything fall into place, but I am grateful for it.

As with so many plants and people now thought, I have to adjust to instant summer and it’s inevitable that a few leaves will be wilted. But, with a solid routine, I’m sure I can sort it out.

I have suddenly come to realize that there is four month left in the year (or just a little over three now) and I still have many things that I need to do. I want to finish one of my fan fictions before the end of December and have been vigorously working on it (one of the reasons I have not been blogging all that much). I want to find a rhythm for this blog – because I don’t want to let it go but I realize that it needs some direction. I’ll push this aside till January though, and just continue on the track that I am now.
I want to do NaNoWriMo again, and have been approached to consider becoming a Municipal Liaison for my region. I’m thinking about it, but hesitant at this stage because I’m not sure what to do in my job.

And, I want to kick ass in my job. I want to get out of my training regime and storm out into the countryside, lol, taking farmer and chicken alike along with me. 😉
I love working, for all the stress.

So, as with spring, there’s not a lot happening yet, but there will be. The best things are worth waiting for, (and working for of course).

Watch this space ladies and gentleman.

I hope not to disappoint.