And tentatively…

I think I have my mojo back.

I used to be able to write thousands of words in a day but recently I’ve experienced a bit of a slump in my writing. So, at first I wanted to throw in the towel and declare myself bust, but then, with the encouragement of Aheila from the Writeahoclic’s blog and my own nagging persistence, I dragged myself into a series of self imposed goals. They weren’t terribly hard to reach, but they weren’t for the faint hearted either.

Now, I’m not someone who likes to blow the horn prematurely, but I think, I suspect, I hope that I might’ve dragged myself out of the slump. This morning, in an hour’s session, I sat down and wrote 1700 words. They just came out of nowhere with snappy dialogue, some irritated characters and a love for the story which I was writing it in. And I can tell you, when I looked at my word count, I felt good. I felt great actually because I felt as if I had once again proven to myself that I can do it.

But, it did bring home a few things that I listed earlier and that is that writing is a discipline. That you need to sit down and practice what you do. With NaNoWriMo around the corner I can’t help but feel that it’s very important for people to start practicing. They don’t need to type out 1667 words a day – but they should maybe think of doing at least 1000. Like jogging, you need to be writing fit to do it well.

And, I realized it’s very important to write with characters that you like, even if nobody else does. Love your story, love your words. They are yours and nobody else’s. Something I realized when I was younger was that if didn’t write my stories, if didn’t put my characters to paper, nobody else will. Because they are mine, and if I wanted other people to learn to love them as much as I did, I had to tell people about them. And I could only do that by writing.