Getting back into the swing of things…

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been very busy finishing off the last bit of my story The Healer’s Touch, a Kim Possible Fan Fic. It’s been an interesting month with the fic. I made, or rather followed through, with an idea that I started when I started writing this monster fic. I knew that it wouldn’t be popular, and I knew that I was going to lose some of my readers because of it, but still – I decided to follow through.

Mostly because of something those same readers taught me and that was to be consistent and not to let what the public wanted influence what I wrote. It is difficult, especially now as the reviews are coming through (praising me for my writing but berating me for my ending) but, I find myself still thinking that I’m not going to change it and ultimately, I’m happy with where I took it.

It’s an interesting trade off.

The thing is that ultimately, I’m still writing because I enjoy it. Not because I’m out there to please people and give them the story that they wanted. But, it’s also difficult trade off because I’m also writing for the acknowledgement of my writing and the praise of it. I am a review hog, plain and simple…

But – enough wallowing in what might become self pity.

NaNoWriMo is around the corner and here in my spot of the world, we already had what I suspect was a very successful kick off party. It’s always fun to get a bunch of writers together, as they can be very funny.

So, I’m looking forward to this month. For all its challenges.

Because writing is a challenge. It is such a personal thing, that critique can hit you hard and praise can make you euphorically happy.

I just hope that I can sort out where I am because 12:01am tonight. 😉