Dawn Riders

When I waitered, I rarely saw a sunrise because I would normally go to bed at the crack of dawn. I as a night owl and I loved it for the evening and the darkness have always held more charm for me.

But, when I started working I had to seriously amend my ways because more often than not I would find myself getting up at the crack of dawn or before to drive to farms and see clients. In spirit, I joined a good friend of mine whose day had much the same routine. We would both spend hours on the road, on our own, with nothing but the scenery and a CD we’ve listened to thousands of times to keep us company. In the beginning, it was something to get used to, something that I had to accept. I missed the evenings and not being able to stay up till midnight bugged me in a way I didn’t think possible.

Though, of late I find myself enjoying the quiet of the morning just as much. I like the smells and the colours. I love driving on my own for miles and miles a lot more than I do staying in the office. And what I’ve discovered and discussed with my friend is that our country is really beautiful, no matter where you go or in which direction you drive.

So, we’ve become ‘Dawn Riders’, those people who are on the road at all times of the day and the times in the morning where you find yourself going: Where could they possibly be going this time of day?!

The answer is to work. 😉