Enter the Dragon Part 7.

Another part of this story. This is a continuation of yesterday’s story.

Enjoy everybody. J I’m off to bed and then tomorrow – the wild world of our great north. 😉

Enter the Dragon.

As it was gorged on pillows, the dragon Will didn’t seem to be interested in anything else for the rest of the day. Alyssa made sure to make some water available for it before she and Minias set about trying to rid her dog of the awful smell of dragon excrement. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but in an amusing kind of way, Alyssa felt that she and the demon had done some group effort like bonding.

She had fitted Will with the old horse halter that she had, but had to do some adjustments to allow for its very slim head. In her mind, Alyssa decided that Will was male – much in the same way she decided that her GPS was female, her car was male and her fish both. Minias stopped trying to correct her and just went with it, probably silently wishing that the dragon was female just to show her up. When they were done with her dog, he disappeared into his room and didn’t resurface again.

Alyssa sat outside with the dragon and her better smelling dog until the sun started setting then, she went into her room to start cleaning up the mess that Will had left. She made her bed first, but it was a futile act as Will followed her back into the room and happily bound onto it.

Alyssa decided right there and then that it was time for lesson 1.

Don’t jump onto the bed without permission.

She went up to the bed and whistled for attention, pleased that Will immediately looked at her.

“Down you,” she said sharply, pointing to the ground, hoping that the dragon would pick up on her meaning as he had when she didn’t want Minais to leave earlier. She waited a few seconds as he blinked at her with his yellow snake like eyes then decided that he had had to hear the command again.

“Down,” she said clearly and this time gave the halter a bit of a tug. “Come on then, you can’t sleep there. That’s my bed.”

The dragon blinked at her and dropped it’s head to the mattress, clearly ignoring her on purpose.

Growling under her breath, Alyssa got up onto the bed behind him and pushed him down. “Down Will,” she insisted. “Down Will, down!”

She pushed with all her might with her back against the wall and finally, after what could only be a screech of protest from the winged reptile, his body gave way and he jumped to the floor. Alyssa grinned and sat up to praise him but her victory was short lived. Will’s feet barely touched the ground before he bound up again.

“Oh no you don’t!” Alyss snapped and intercepted him quickly, grabbing him by the halter and wrestling him to the floor. “Stay down. Down Will!” She knew somehow that it was useless repeating the command when it was clear he either didn’t want to listen or didn’t quite understand by she figured it was better than; bad dragon, bad. She had certainly said that enough for one day.

Again, Will moaned protest and tried to bound up away from her and onto the bed but she held fast, desperately trying to pin him to the ground. Again, most of the things that were standing in her room was knocked down in their tryst but Alyssa held firm, unwilling to give in to Will’s clearly youthful strong will.

She had managed to wrap both her legs around his body and had his head and neck pressed against her chest but that gave Will amble maneuver space to roll on her, even if he couldn’t get up. It was during this exercise that Minias decided to show his face again, much to Alyssa’s irritation.

The demon looked at the wrestling pair for a bit before he made a small, soft and very irritating amused sound.

“I take it you still have it in your mind to train him?” he said smoothly as Alyssa was forced to look at his shiny shoes, as she could not turn her head up to look at his face.

“In the process of it,” she grunted as Will once again tried to lunge for the bed. “Can’t you see?”

Again, the demon made that sound.

“Hmm,” he said. “I can see that you’re going to have to consider taking out a stronger health insurance… No? Suit yourself. I’m off.”

Alyssa blinked and managed to get Will to lie still for a second.

“Oi,” she snapped as Minias turned to the door. “You can’t bloody well leave.”

The demon turned to her and bent down so that she could look at his face instead of his heels.

“I can,” he said simply. “As amusing as it is to watch you roll around the ground with a lizard between your legs, I have business to attend to. And no, it can’t wait – I helped you wash your dog. That’s as helpful as I’m going to get without claiming a demon mark.”

Alyssa growled at him and to her silent pleasure, Will was distracted long enough from his mission to get up onto her bed to look at the demon and growl too. Minias seemed undeterred and merely tipped that hat that he was wearing at them and walked out of the door.

Sniffing, immediately regretting it as the sharp stench of dragon filled her nostrils; Alyssa shifted her grip on Will and snorted.

“You know,” she said. “This wouldn’t be a problem if you were spaniel sized. Then, we could’ve negotiated about the bed but no…” She trailed off surprised as the dragon blinked at her and closed its eyes. With what could only be a sneeze, he shuddered and seemed to melt away in her arms. As she pushed herself up, she felt the weight shift on her legs as Will looked up at her, now the size of a medium sized dog. She didn’t know how it worked, but the halter seemed to have shrunk around his head as well.

They blinked at each other for a long time.

“Ah,” Alyssa finally managed. “Good dragon?” She wasn’t sure if she should praise him but it seemed like a good idea. His magic is the unpredictable kind, Minias had warned her and as it turned out, he wasn’t kidding.

But, it seemed harmless enough.

At her praise, Will shook himself pleased and bound up onto her bed, settling down where he feet would be to look at her with his almost golden eyes.

“Well done,” Alyssa praised him softly and tentatively reached out to stroke his head, still amazed at the transformation. “If you stay this size when you’re in my room, you are more than welcome here you know. Heck… I could even make you a bed in the cupboard underneath my book case.” She paused. “If you promise not to breath fire of course…” She trailed off, feeling stupid talking to the beast. Looking around her room, she found herself wishing that not all of her tiffs with the dragon was going to end in total room chaos.

“Well,” she said again. “Good dragon. Thank you for changing to a more manageable size.” And for listening to me… even if it was on your own terms…

She set about cleaning her room again, musing that this might just be easier than she thought…

To Be Continued…