Enter the Dragon Part 9

9 already? Good heavens. I have to work with my other stories as well, lol.
Good day everybody, I’m taking a break from my musings today and just putting up this story. The reason I’m doing so is for an experiment actually. I want to try the timed publishing function. I will mots probably not come online today again as it’s promising to be a crazy busy day.
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Enter the Dragon Part 9

Two weeks had passed.
Alyssa decided that she was making headway with the dragon. For one thing, he very quickly picked up on the fact that she did not like him relieving himself in her room in any form or way. Prompted by Nikki the Sausage Dog, he learned to go round the corner of the house nearest to the neighbours. Alyssa was mildly concerned that one of them might look over the wall and see the dragon doing his business but luckily, to date, nobody had called up animal services or a news channel.
Will’s smell had also been sorted. The morning after the first night that he spent there, Minias presented Alyssa with a charm quite similar to the one that he used to mask his own smell. He wouldn’t tell Alyssa where he got it, but the NaSty had her suspicions. There was only one witch in the Hollows who could do smell charms to Alyssa’s knowledge and further more, she and Minias seemed to have been on good speaking terms. She didn’t question Minias about it though, as she really appreciated the gesture and didn’t want him to be too embarrassed about it.
Training was… interesting. It would’ve been much easier if he remained the size of a spaniel but Alyssa soon realized that he only shrunk when he was in her room. When he was outside, he flared up to the size of a small horse or pony. He also ate about as much as one did. Luckily, food wasn’t a problem. Alyssa had contacts in the poultry industry and could get the chicken mortalities from a nearby grower farm. They didn’t’ ask what she did with all the chickens, all to happy that she was dealing with the problem for them. It took some coaching to get Will onto the diet and away from her pillows (by stuffing a bunch of chickens into a pillow case) but she succeeded and he didn’t seem to object.
Alyssa being Alyssa, couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to be big enough to ride one day but she wasn’t going to push her luck.
The thing was that she wasn’t sure how trainable Will was. She would never admit or discuss it with Minias but the dragon seemed… Stupid. Or, not stupid but… Too smart. It was a difficult balance. Sometimes, things between them would just flow almost as if he instinctively picked up on what she wanted him to do. Then, other times, he was definitively selectively deaf which made her wonder if he wasn’t just indulging her the days that things did work out. But, he was getting the general idea. He got out of her room when she wanted him to, he understood the phrase down or get off.
He certainly understood the phrase ‘No’ because Minias snapped it at him enough.
Today was going to be one of those days.
Alyssa was on her hands and knees, rummaging round underneath her bed for something. Nikki was in her basket, as usual observing the spectacle and Will was pressed up against Alyssa, rubbing his shoulder against hers, being generally enthusiastic about life.
“It’s here somewhere,” Alyssa was saying. “I know it is… I bought it for Antonio at the start of the soccer world cup but then he didn’t give me his address and…” Will made a whistling sound and if he was a dog, he’d have wagged his tail. As it was, he made an odd wiggle with his head and rubbed his face against Alyssa’s cheek. “Yes,” Alyssa said distracted. “I know it’s a good day. A great day in fact. But I have to… Ah!”
She let out a triumphant cry and drew out the long, plastic horn. It was a Vuvuzela and Alyssa knew how to use it. Grinning, she showed it to Will.
“See, I knew it was here somewhere,” she said. “Have you ever seen anything like this?” Will looked at it and tried to pull it from her hands. Alyssa made a considering sound and sat back. “I suspect not if you like it,” she pointed out. “I hate the sound BUT it is very useful in some cases…” When Will sat back to mimic her, she grinned and put the horn to her lips. “As a demon summoner…” She took a deep breath, shoved the end underneath her bed and blew as hard as she could.
The hated noise sounded through her room. Will let out a bird like squawk, clearly startled but luckily not scared. When he was scared, he breathed fire.
Alyssa reached out to pat him none the less and put the horn to her lips again.
A gloved hand came out from underneath the bed and yanked the horn from her mouth. Minias crawled out from underneath her bed and stood up, towering above her like vengeance itself.
“I told you,” he growled. “Never blow this darned thing into my room!”
Alyssa grinned and pushed herself up, taking note of the happy expression Will got when he saw Minias. To smooth things out between them (Will had taken a liking to singeing off the demon’s eyebrows) Alyssa had asked Minias to feed the dragon for her. He didn’t want to at first, but after the third pair of spectacles that he lost to the dragon he finally conceded.
“You refuse to install a doorbell,” Alyssa said. “What else am I supposed to do to get you attention over the dimension that stands between us?”
Minias looked as if he wanted to throttle Alyssa and Will with the plastic horn. The first time she did that, he had tried to destroy the Vuvuzela right there and then but nothing that he tried worked. Fascinated by the phenomena, he forgot his anger at Alyssa as they started to attempt all sorts of ways to get rid of the thing. The two of them finally came to the conclusion that the horn had been forged in hell and could only be destroyed in the pits of mount doom.
“What do you want? No!” Minias snapped, making a warning sign at Will because it looked as if the dragon wanted to rub up against his legs like a cat.
Alyssa smiled, happy that they were getting on so well, and took the Vuvuzela from Minias. “I need to ask you a favour,” she said. “I need you to babysit Will…”