It’s the Season…

It’s the week before Christmas and I am not as prepared for it as I like to be. This is a funny time of the year. I’m never sure what to think of it.
In the traditional sense, I am a Christian, so – naturally, this time has a religious significance for me. I don’t necessarily care if this is the same holiday as a pagan holiday, or this or that, to me – it is a time to think about faith and what it means to me in my life. It’s one of the rituals that I practice this time of the year.
I have several of those, some of them silly, some of them a little bit more serious.
I like to think this time of the year. I think about what’s happened the past twelve months, I compare my life to where it was the year before. I think about the blessings in my life, I think about the challenges that I’ve had to endure. I thank God that He stood with me through the challenges, and I think Him for the Good Will which passed my way. I argue with Him as well naturally, but those conversations are private.
Stepping away from religion, my next ritual is very light. I like Christmas songs. I’ve had the privilege of NEVER working in a supermarket, so I haven’t heard them all to death. I like Christmas hymns as well, so this time of the year, I make myself a playlist on my computer with only Christmas like songs on (I have several of those hidden about my computer).
I like to set up a Christmas tree, even if it’s something my family never really tolerated. I like to wrap up presents, though I hate buying them.
And, I play around with my New Years resolutions, reflecting on those of the previous year and making up new ones (or reinstating old ones as the case might be several times).
The thing is that, although Christmas celebration in my family is never a very pleasant affair (for some reason, my family ALWAYS fights over Christmas), I still like these weeks leading up to the New Year. Everything is waiting, everything seems to have slowed down.
We have such a busy life with such a terrible pace that it’s nice to just take a moment to breathe.
Next Year is around the corner, Christmas is in front of us.
What a better time to do some introspection?
What do you do during this time?