Quiet worry.

I’m a little bit depressed today. The world’s… Interesting. I’m nearing the end of my employment contract, set to end at the end of February. Although I feel that it’s gone well with work, I can’t help but be worried about it. You never know what’s happening behind the scenes. I don’t want to go back to waitressing, I don’t think I’ll survive it a second time, but I’m not sure what else to do. I’m starting to prepare my CV and send it out to companies. I had a pretty good back up, but then within a question of three months, the company suddenly turned towards the dull edge of bankruptcy. Not quite there yet, but close.

I would love some concrete certainness at this stage, but nobody seems to be able to offer me any. But, luckily – I have to say that I have a very good support group, the unsung heroes of my world and life.

My Other Half (love of my heart), my good friend Jenn, my mate Ryan and all my other Nasties. My RL friends, who visit this blog and phone during the day. Despite the fact that I want to just curl up and burry myself in the worry, it’s very hard to do so with all the support that I have. In that sense, I am very fortunate. I have very very good friends, people who have blessed me with their company all through my life, both old and new.

So, although I am worried, I can’t be too depressed. Because I am supported.

I am loved.

And I am humoured which is a good thing with my personality. 😉

So, yes.

Quiet worry, but loud support goes well together.