Home Safe.

I travelled far the past couple of days and mostly on my own. It always gives me time to think, which is what I needed strangely enough.

I re-evaluated my life, my relationship and my job. And, you know what? I came to the conclusion that I’m alright and that I’m on the right track. Compared to a year ago, my life’s really picked up. I’m still with Other Half and I feel our relationship has grown considerably (hopefully, it will never stop), I have a job which strangely enough suits my personality and gives me the space to do what I want (at the price of socializing with strange people) and I still feel that I tread relatively lightly on this earth of ours. I’ve started writing my own book, I still have my horse and I have a roof over my head.

And, against all the odds, I’m kept safe where ever I go.

So yes, I arrived home today and I felt safe. I felt safe for the first time in ages, not just in my job, but in myself and that’s a rare thing.

Hopefully I can get things back on track now.

Tomorrow, there will be a meaning full post, ;).