Sea Biscuit vs. Secretariat.

No, not the horses themselves but the movies.

I went to see Secretariat today with my Other Half and Best Friend who is also my riding companion. Firstly, I have to say that I’m rarely as happy as I am when I have these two people alongside me. What more can a girl wish for?
Anyway, being the horse enthusiast that we are, my mate and I had to go and see this latest horse race film. We both (separately) enjoyed Sea Biscuit and had hoped to have the same kind of thrill that we had from Sea Biscuit.

Sadly, this was not so.

Although the movie was good, I couldn’t help but feel that it was a little bit too Disney for my taste. Everything was so… Clean. The groom was clean, the horse was clean (and cleaned repeatedly), the stable yard w and the jockeys were… Clean with mud. I did some reading as well and realized that Hollywood and really gone wild with film embellishment and the story that they tell in the movie is almost nothing like the real thing (safe for the three wins of course, that’s a given…).

But, still – it had some good qualities and, don’t get me wrong, it was very enjoyable. They just didn’t show enough of the horse to my taste. But, they did show plenty of Diane Lane (who had won me over with Under a Tuscan Sun and Frida) and John Malkovich (who needs absolutely NO introduction at all) which made up for the fact that the film constantly managed to find moments in which the scenery would break into song.

It was… A story and a good one, based on the shadow of the truth.

Secretariat was an incredible horse. His record at the Belmont Stakes still stands today and I’m pretty sure that his offspring’s offspring still perform out there in the racing world.

But, if you were expecting Sea Biscuit’s performance, you will be sorely disappointed. The beauty of the horse was sadly spoiled by the sweetness of Disney.


Aheila’s Drabble Day Challenge – Classifieds.

😉 Good way to get back into blogging after a couple of days’ break is to do my mate Aheila’s Drabble Day. J This has become slightly addictive I have to add. If you want to participate in it, I would suggest that you go over to The Writeaholic’s Blog. It’s released every Saturday (at the moment). You can also check out Aheila’s online fiction – the stories are very enjoyable. I’d classify them as urban sci fi. 😉

My drabble on the word classified.


There were no clothes anywhere. None.

I stood there in my nakedness, staring at the hotel room, hearing the words of my ex in my head:

I will give anybody who photographs her naked ten thousand dollars!

I felt cheap somehow. I was worth far more than that…


I knew that the photographers were coming. A first glance revealed nothing which I could use to cover myself but then, I saw the paper. I lounged for it just as the door opened. He was with them, but he was going to be surprised. I undid the sheets and wrapped the paper around me. When I stood up, cameras flashed but I was ready for them, the word Classifieds protecting my… Classifieds.

Quiet worry.

I’m a little bit depressed today. The world’s… Interesting. I’m nearing the end of my employment contract, set to end at the end of February. Although I feel that it’s gone well with work, I can’t help but be worried about it. You never know what’s happening behind the scenes. I don’t want to go back to waitressing, I don’t think I’ll survive it a second time, but I’m not sure what else to do. I’m starting to prepare my CV and send it out to companies. I had a pretty good back up, but then within a question of three months, the company suddenly turned towards the dull edge of bankruptcy. Not quite there yet, but close.

I would love some concrete certainness at this stage, but nobody seems to be able to offer me any. But, luckily – I have to say that I have a very good support group, the unsung heroes of my world and life.

My Other Half (love of my heart), my good friend Jenn, my mate Ryan and all my other Nasties. My RL friends, who visit this blog and phone during the day. Despite the fact that I want to just curl up and burry myself in the worry, it’s very hard to do so with all the support that I have. In that sense, I am very fortunate. I have very very good friends, people who have blessed me with their company all through my life, both old and new.

So, although I am worried, I can’t be too depressed. Because I am supported.

I am loved.

And I am humoured which is a good thing with my personality. 😉

So, yes.

Quiet worry, but loud support goes well together.

The Project.

So, I’m doing something that I haven’t done consistently in years.

I’m writing original fiction.

It’s not a short story. It’s not fan fiction. It’s not a fly by night decision.

I’ve been planning this for years.

It’s a strange sensation, working with characters and a world which is my own. I’ve dabbled in short stories over the past couple of months, but none had the history and backbone of my current project. And, it certainly didn’t have my stamina to back it up. But, I’ve decided (inspired partly by Aheila) that it’s time to take my hands out from underneath my but and work on something that’s my own. I can do it, I know I can.

And, I most certainly want to.

I want to have something that’s my creation. Something that I can use to try and attempt to walk this long road of ‘getting published’ on. And, I have to write this story. It literally came to me in a dream and it has not let go ever since I woke up that morning. So, this year, I decided to make it part of my writing goals. I’m still going to carry on writing fan fiction, because really – I have quite a lot of readers and I’m not quite willing to sever myself from that line of feedback, but I’m going to start to work on something that I can take home and put my own stamp on as well. It’s time to put all these hours that I spend in front of my computer to good use…

What I’ve decided is to give myself a short goal. Write a minimum of 1000 words in this story per week. That would amount to 52000 words in the year. That’s not a lot, but it’s a start and, I know myself, it will get more as the time progresses. So far, I’ve already written over 5000 words in it, technically 10% of where I should be and 2.5-3% of what I want for it in total. The goals aren’t unreasonable and that I believe is the key to potential success.

The biggest mistake that people make when attempting any project is to set their own standard too high. If you keep striving towards an unreachable goal you’ll never get there. So, take a step back and do something that you can. It’s almost like wishing to run a marathon. You can’t leap away and run 50 miles in a day. You have to start small, short. If you don’t, then you can injure yourself and never run again.

So, that is what I’m trying to accomplish with this. Even if it never goes anywhere, it’s a plan and it is mine. And will be mine when it’s finished. J

Let’s see where this goes shall we?

Aheila’s Drabble Day Challenge – Change

Today, I’m using the drabble to tell you what I did with my day:


Change comes in many forms, this time in the same of a 31 litre fish tank.

I’ve always loved fish for some reason, getting endless pleasure from watching them. I got my first fish when I was about ten years old, though then my mother took care of it. For my eighteenth birthday a friend gave me a small golden fantail and from there, I was never truly without them. To date, they always lived in glass cookie jars but today, they got an upgrade:

A 31 litre conventional fish tank. Complete with rock, filter and new neighbours.

I’m a happy woman.