Valentine’s Day?

It’s Valentine’s Day and I guess I’m supposed to comment on that even though I rarely celebrate it.
I am in a very happy relationship with a wonderful person. The first day I met my Other Half, I knew that we were going to end up in a relationship. It wasn’t the cool, hurly burly head over heels fall in love sensation that I felt. No, it was a strange comforting glow of familiarity, as if I have known this person all my life as well as in another, and was quite happy to carry on where we had left off.
It caught me off guard that day and we both ignored it for a long time. But then, a couple of years ago, we both yielded to temptation and I have not looked back since.
I am a loner by nature, someone who is ruled by her head rather than her emotions. I had never thought that I would fall in love, and perhaps – to an extent, I haven’t fallen in love yet. I don’t think my mind will ever allow me to do so.
What I’ve rather done, is grown in love. I have seen myself grow as a person when one singular being said the words: I love you.
Those words grounded me, anchored me and made me more than I was before that happened. And, to the logical side of me, that made sense for the first time since I observed this crazy habit between two people.
I realized that in my relationship, I was better, more than I was alone. That this person, my Other Half, was the best part of me and that the relationship made me more than I could ever have hoped to be.
I think that’s why I’m not too keen on celebrating Valentine’s Day per say. It’s just one day of the year where couples find an excuse to give each other gifts and words of appraisal. Me? I do it every time I see my Other Half, every time we touch, every time we wake up together.
I don’t need a day bathed in red to celebrate my relationship – because it is a gift and a feast already.
But, I guess I suppose I should say:
Happy Valentine’s Day.