Born this Way? The GaGa review.

I say this with the kind of hesitation that some people might say that they have leprosy but, on the odd occasion – I am a Lady GaGa fan. My taste in music varies a lot. I listen to everything from heavy metal to… Well. Lady GaGa.

I didn’t like her in the beginning, but as the radio stations kept playing and playing and playing her songs I found myself finally enjoying first the rhythm of her music and then finally, the songs themselves. I found that I could listen to her single ‘Just Dance’ and I didn’t mind when they played ‘Bad Romance’. I liked ‘Pokerface’ because brought back great memories from evenings in the restaurant when we’d dance on the open floor when the tables were packed up.

And, I loved Alejandro. I think personally it’s her best song to date.

With this repertoire, I found myself anxiously awaiting the release of her new single Born this Way. There was certainly a big hype leading up to it. Friday came and went and I didn’t have the time to listen to the song on youtube. I finally managed to download it on Sunday and listen to it.

I am… disappointed. I had somehow expected more. Where’s the rhythm? The various instruments? The strange pauses at random places and… Well… All of the things I loved in Alejandro. I feel let down by a pop star.

I’m not saying the song’s bad. It’s certainly better than anything Justin Bieber can squeak out. But, it’s not what I expected.

But, I like the words. And I do find myself humming along thinking that: Yup, I was born this way. And I like it.

And maybe, that’s where a part of the magic is with music. It’s not just in the rhythm, but in the package that you get it in.