Equilibrium and Fish

As with all things in the universe, equilibrium is reached.
When I first got my new fish tank, I had a couple of teething problems. I had a bout of white spot disease, fin rot and the mysterious death of my black more fan tail. It took me approximately 3 weeks to sort it out after which I suddenly had a burst of algae growth. I bought a pleco to deal with that and, can now say with confidence that my problems are most probably sorted out.
Equilibrium has been reached and my remaining fish are happy – if a bit too over eager to eat too much.
I’ve found the same in my work.
In December my General Manager quit the job and left all of those underneath him in a flurry of confusion and in the sights of our CEO who swooped in and tried to change (and improve I should add) all the systems that had been in place. In the past four weeks, we’ve had so many upsets and change that the whole pharmaceutical staff was upset. One man quit his job and two others started searching for other positions in other companies. Being new to the industry, I knew that there was no way I’d be able to find another job, so I stood in the middle of it, trying hard to ride out this wave of upset.
I found myself clinging to the thought that, as in the case of my fish tank, equilibrium will have to be reached one way or the other. It didn’t help me sleep at night, but it did keep some the rising sparks of panic at bay which has a habit of upsetting my whole psyche.
I also tried very hard not to pay the panic of other people any mind, knowing how hard it can be if you allowed yourself to be swept away by the insecurities of others.
And, luckily, my strategy worked.
Eventually, after everything was mixed around, things settled and – today for the first day in almost a month, I feel as if I can breathe again.
Things aren’t perfect, but I think our boss realized that he had to stop trying to change everything at once and we realized that we had to trust him a little.
So, I can breathe again. And, it’s quite rejuvenating.