Never Alone.

It’s strangely hard, sleeping out for work. You find yourself in a strange place, with strange people – normally locked away in some desolate spot with almost no internet connection, too friendly B&B keepers and store bought food that you can’t cook (or take aways). If you’re like me, your day probably started at 4am, you’ve travelled over 220 miles, you’ve seen several farmers and in a sales kind of way begged them to try your products and you had bad coffee at McDonalds. All in all, it becomes very bleak and, when you find yourself stuck in a B&B where a turkey sleeps on your car…

You can’t make yourself feel very positive about the whole escapade.

But, of course, things are not quite that bad.

I find that, despite the fact that I’m here in the middle of nowhere, stuck next to a highway between elsewhere and somewhere in a room filled with spiders, I’m not alone.

Because tonight – I have about six kittens on my bed. Playing with my computer wires, messing up my clothes for the next day and jumping on me every now and again to remind me that I am allergic to cats. And, I’m happy. Content. I have animals around me (even if they are cats) and that makes me happy.

So, I can’t complain – though I’m not writing nearly as much as I should be at this stage – or planning my script frenzy project.

I’m playing with kittens and that’s enough to make me feel at home.

Sort of – if I don’t think about the empty bed beside me.

4 thoughts on “Never Alone.

  1. Jenn March 30, 2011 / 9:32 pm

    Talk to me! I’m here!!!

  2. suzy wong March 31, 2011 / 10:32 am


  3. Elmi March 31, 2011 / 2:45 pm

    I totally get what you mean (including the overly friendly B&B people). I always find it so amazing how animals can make such a difference – when my husband goes away for work I would probably go crazy after a few days alone if not for my cats.

    BTW, how’s your ScriptFrenzy planning coming along? Are you going to be an ML this year? (Probably not, if your schedule is this frenetic :/ ) I’ve decided to do it, but without the pressure of NaNo – if I finish, I finish; if I don’t… *shrugs*. I’m going to use it to infuse some fresh air in my stale writing routine. I haven’t planned anything yet either, except that it must be something completely contrary to what I normally do. Oh, did you notice it starts TOMORROW (!)? So here’s to impulse-driven stories and paroxystic projects. Yay.

  4. Marsha April 4, 2011 / 1:02 am

    LOL. When I have to travel for work I never get anything so exotic as a B & B filled with kittens. I just get generic hotel rooms and tons of traffic noise. The spiders would send me running though.

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