What to Expect from May…

I’ve decided to relook at my blog and try to utilize the amount of traffic that I get to provide something that’s a bit more enjoyable for readers to read. Also, I want to try and develop some of my own skills in the process. I’m pretty good at telling you guys what I think and what I feel, but I have discovered that I’m a bit lacking in the physical article and recounting division. (A skill I need to use more and more for work).

So, what a better place to try and develop my skills than here?

Although I’m still working on the layout, I’ve decided to start with a basic structure for the blog. Physically, it’s impossible for me to post more than 4 posts a week. I’m just too busy (and I salute my friends who manage between 5 and 7). And, I just don’t have that much to say (I’m a boring sales rep that look at chickens, what more is there to tell?). So, I’ll find things to say.

On Mondays I intend to start a series of posts called Mystery Monday. I love reading up about unexplained mysteries, and might as well give you guys a summary of what I find! That way, I practice my own fact recounting abilities, and I might actually give somebody something useful to take home and think about.

If not, it can always just be fun. J

On Thursdays I intend to write a review, be it from a game I’m currently playing or a book that I read.

The other two posts are open for suggestion and will be used as I see need. I intend to get back into writing Aheila’s Drabble Challenges. They are fun and good practice. I also want to continue with the various blog stories that I started. These are purely for amusement purposes.

And, occasionally – I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to. J

So, you can expect more from this blog in May than you had received in April.

I hope that this gives you something to look forward to.