Aheila’s Drabble Day Challenge – Dread

And, Aheila’s Drabble Day Challenge for the week.

To remind you, this is how it works:
Read the prompt and find your angle.
Write a drabble (100 words story, give or take five words).
Post a direct link to your drabble in the comments of Aheila’s blog (or, if you don’t have a blog, just go ahead and post your drabble in the comments).
In the post on your blog, make sure to link back to this post.
Today’s prompt is Dread! Bonus points for people who write the drabble without using that word or its synonyms


“I held her as she had the seizure,” my friend told me with wide eyes, her voice heavy with dark anticipation. “And, I told myself – that if it went on for a minute longer, I’ll bring her to the surgery and put her down. But…” Relief came to her voice like a fresh breath of air. “She stopped, and she’s fine now. Luckily.”
I felt for her, because I could see in her eyes the path that I was going to have to walk one day as well. She is an owner of an old dog.
As am I.