I haven’t been writing the past week, once again cut off from my muse by a personal surge of emotions. I went running with a friend yesterday and we spoke about this problem that I had, that the moment my brain received too many emotions it just short circuited.
I’m not sure why, years ago – I could write like this. I used to channel my emotions into what I was working on and produce something.
Now, nothing.
It made me realize that writing changes, just like people do. My talent has certainly evolved. Sometimes, I feel as if it has become more like a practice, a job than a hobby. I think that’s why I stop doing it when I’m under stress.
It’s a shame in a way, because it used to be a coping mechanism. A way I dealt with all of my emotions. Now, it’s just something that I do.
I’m not sad or upset, I’m just… strangely taken aback.
I don’t want it this way, but also – this has a positive reaction as well.
You see, years ago – I could actually only write when I was upset. Now, I can mostly do it all the time.
So, although my words aren’t flowing now, I know that they will again. Next week if I get my arse in gear, but – I’m in no hurry. I know that I will write again – and, I trust that you’ll be patient.