I think I am alright again. A silly thing to say, but there you go. Three precious words:
I am alright.
Life has a habit of happening when you’re making other plans and I saw a reflection of this in my own these past couple of weeks. Events shaped and altered my word in such a way that it affected the very way I function. At first, I thought I would never get out of my funk but I decided to take a moment, to take one deep breath, and start over again.
So, from tomorrow things will be resuming as normal on this blog. I’ll continue with Mystery Mondays until someone tells me to stop, I’ll support Aheila’s Drabble Day’s on Tuesdays and on Thursday’s I’ll write some kind of review or reflection of my week’s experience. The other days will be left open either for suggestions from you, or random moments as I see the need to write.
I’m also going to make a conscious effort to take up my project again, work on my original book, finish my outstanding fan fiction and play Mass Effect 2. 😉 This is of course counter productive for writing, but heck – it’s FUN.
So, thank you for waiting on me – you will not be disappointed.