When We Stand Together

I’ve had a pretty rough weekend, which has been a focus point and summary of what my life’s been like really. One unexpected disaster on top of another, being pulled in a million directions at once without me actually wanting to go in any of them.

And, worry. Fear of the future. All mixed together into one big mess of what has become my life. Yet, through it all – I’ve survived. My partner’s been super, bringing me to realize why we as people need to be more than one. Yes, I can focus on my own, I can get through things without the help of others. But it will be harder and I won’t necessarily be a better person at the end of the day. My partner became my moral compass this weekend, my guide and I think that I’m starting to learn that sometimes, it’s not bad to follow other people’s advice. Especially those who care for you. Deeply.

Another light this weekend has been the release of Nickleback’s new single – When We Stand Together. I have a long history with Nickelback the band (not the man naturally, lol). I started listening to them when I was still dating my first boyfriend and the music has followed me through my life. Some of their songs were amazing, others not so much. Like moments in my life really.

Yet, when I look at this new song – I can truly say that things have become better with time – that their music has just become better and that you must never think that the moment in which you are in now (or the song that you are listening to) is the best that there is because it isn’t. So, listening to When We Stand Together, I find myself hoping that the best is yet to come – and that life will improve.

And become amazing.