Certain lack of motivation

I would’ve posted about my day today, showing you the pictures that I took on my way around South Africa’s countryside in pouring rain. But, my finger’s sore (I have an irritating ‘infection’ on the side of my nail and that makes it painful to type) and I’m actually emotionally drained from today. So, I shall rather just leave you with a song from my favourite band, Blackmore’s Night. This is their opening single for their very first album and the very first song that I heard from them. Ever since I’ve heard this song, this band has captured my loyalty and my imagination. I love them and can’t wait for their new album, Autumn Sky to be released in South Africa. Or, America so that I can import it (they don’t actually release it here come to think of it, I’ve had to import the past three CDs…).

The song’s name is Shadow of the Moon.