In Gaming Anticipation: Knights Contract

I was idly browsing through the gaming section on one of our local internet websites when I came across the following new release: Knights Contract.

I hadn’t heard about it at all (and in general I like to keep on top of what’s being released and what’s not) so decided to do some investigation and I’ve been pleasantly surprised and intrigued.
The game follows the story of a witch-executioner in the medieval times who was cursed by a witch whom he had killed with immortality. In order to lift the curse and set things right, he now has to work with the reincarnated witch to overthrow the main antagonist, a crazy scientist called Dr. Faust.

I looked at some of the game play trailers and saw that it seems to follow along the track of Dante’s Inferno and God of War (throw in some female side-kick action and you have Prince of Persia in the mix as well). Both of these (three) games were excellent in my opinion, both in game play and story line, so I have to say that I’m going to be keeping an eye on this one. A review from the destructoid website confirmed what I suspected, continuing to say that it had all the elements that the reviewer liked in a good game.
As I’ve recently bought myself a new television, I can say in all earnest that I’m looking forward to playing this.