What a surprise…

When the world cup started in my sunny country, I had a prediction for the ‘final four’ and my eye on who the two teams in the finals were going to be. As it turned out, I was wrong.

My prediction for the final four was: Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain, with the final either being between Brazil and Argentina or Brazil and Germany.

As it turned out, I was wrong.

The final four teams left in the FIFA World Cup were: Spain, Uruguay, Germany and the Netherlands. I will not speak of Uruguay. I will only say that by rights, it should’ve been Spain, Ghana, Germany and the Netherlands… Last time I checked, soccer wasn’t a ‘hand ball’ game. That’s what rugby and American Football is for…

Anyway, so – surprise surprise, only 50% of my prediction for the semi-finals was correct. AND none of the teams that I had thought would be in the final made. In swooped the Dutch with their orange spirit and bounce, winning their place in the finals from Uruguay (thank you Holland, hup Holland hup!) in a 3-2 victory and the Spain ran Germany to the ground with their 1-0 victory.

What a surprise.

And, an even bigger surprise was the fact that I finally found myself enjoying the matches just as they finished.

This World Cup has certainly proven to be a unique tournament and a unique experience for me and my country. I am not willing to make predictions any further (though I hope Holland wins…) but I am going to say that I am proud to be South African and I am proud of the way this World Cup has progressed. I can’t help but feel that – if we can do this, we can do anything.