Enter the Dragon Part 5

And thanks to a faulty water line, all of my work collegues (including myself) got send home. That meant that I have time for a quick story!

I present to you (because it requires the least thought) a continuation of my dragon story. J This was not thoroughly proof read. I have a bit of a cold and reading hurts more than typing does. J Sorry guys.

Enter the Dragon – Part 5.

“Okay, I’ll heave and you ho…”

“My dear, why don’t you ho and I’ll heave.”

“Because, mate, I’m a woman. We don’t ho unless we’re desperate.”

“I don’t know, you…”

“Think long and hard before you finish that sentence demon.”

“Of course.”

There was silence for a few seconds.

Alyss sniffed and adjusted her position behind the dragon. She and Minias had been struggling for the past hour to get it out of her room, but all it earned them was a knocked over television set, a few singed demon eyebrows and a dragon tail whiplash over Alyss’s back. She had tried coaching it out with some of the pillows from the house, but it seemed to have finally sated its appetite. She had also tried some steak, the neighbour’s cat and the couch’s cover but nothing interested the black reptile anymore. It seemed pretty focused on her, and picked up that this was a game (sort of) but for the most of it, it seemed pretty content to remain in her room. The closest it got to the door was to sit down in the middle of it and Alyss, remembering some of the work that she had done with horses, decided that the best way to get him out was to simply push him over.

It turned out to be much harder than she thought.

The dragon didn’t seem agitated, but it really didn’t want to budge. Alyss also couldn’t help but feel that Minias, who insisted on helping, wasn’t making matters any better. The dragon seemed heart bend on challenging him for authority which led Alyss to believe that it is male. When Minias had looped an old lead rein around the dragon’s neck and try to pull it out, it wasted no time to show the demon that it could breath fire along with magic. Alyss didn’t blame him now for being reluctant to be at the head side of the beast, but she also felt very strongly that the demon should stand his man and suck it up. She wasn’t going to risk her hair.

“Don’t pull too hard on his head,” Alyssa said as she pushed her glasses back up her nose and bend down so that she could get her hands underneath the dragon’s hindquarters. She was weary of its tail after it had flicked it at her in irritation, but realized that there was very little that she could do to keep out of its path. Like a horse’s hooves, it was just something that she had to deal with. “Give him space to move into. And don’t, Minias, don’t lose your temper. Okay?”

The demon seemed very irritated. “It’s not a he,” he said. “We don’t know what it is. And secondly, if you had it breath fire in your face, you’ll be a bit short tempered as well.”

Alyssa rolled her eyes but didn’t comment, realizing that it was the wrong time and wrong place to point out that she probably wouldn’t be because she would never be in that situation. But, she didn’t want to discourage Minias from helping her.

“One last try,” she said. “Then I’ll try something else. Are you ready? Heave!”

Before really waiting for Minias’ affirmation, Alyss pushed against the dragon, listening to it protest as it paused at the door. “Come on stubborn,” Alyss said. “It’s nice outside. You’ll like it. Come on… Just… One… Argh!”

The dragon moved suddenly, without warning, leaping out of the door with a strange, whistle like sound. Alyss slipped forward and would’ve fallen right on her face if Minias hadn’t moved in front of her and grabbed her by the shoulder. The demon looked around puzzled as he watched the dragon bound off round the corner of the house. “Why would he… Oh gods Alyss…”

Alyss found her feet and pulled away from Minias. “What? He’s out…”

Minias grabbed her and pulled her after the reptile.

“So… Is… Your… Dog!”

To Be Continued…


Enter the Dragon – Part 4

And, touching base a little bit, I’m continuing with my light story – ‘Enter the Dragon’ which is just a piece of fluffy fiction of what i’d do if I find a Dragon in my room. It was inspired by a friend of mine, Marsha. You’ll find the story on the first part. 😉

You can find the previous parts here: 1, 2, 3.

Enter the Dragon – Part 4

They were still looking at the dragon, still trying to come to grips with what was now sharing a room with them. The demon and the author shifted uncomfortably as they looked at the reptile laying on Alyssa’s bed then looked at each other. Minias, the demon babysitter from Kim Harrison’s Hollows books, gave Alyss a sideways glance and pushed his smoked glasses back up his nose.

“So,” he said carefully. “You don’t want me to get rid of it?”

Alyssa turned a blank expression on him and shook her head. “You said he’s here because he feels safe Minias,” she said tiredly and pulled her chair closer. “If I kick him out then I have to kick you out too.”

Minias blinked surprised and gave her a not too pleased look. “I was here first,” he pointed out to which Alyssa laughed and shook her head.

“That’s got nothing to do with it demon boy,” she said. “The fact is that I let you stay, because I knew you needed a place to hide. I set a president and now, with another mythological creature knocking on my door, how can I turn that down? I like to stick to my own principles.”

The demon sighed and crossed his arms to glare at the dragon. It appeared to be sleeping, but he didn’t seem to trust it. “I did tell you how big it’s going to get?” he queried.

Again, Alyssa nodded. “Yes,” she said. “As big as my room but luckily, you didn’t give me a time frame and frankly I don’t want to know. I’ll find out soon enough.” She could see his eyes go as wide as he turned to her sharply.

“Alyssa, you can’t keep it,” he said. “You just… Can’t.”

The red head smiled lazily and shrugged. “I’m the only one who knows what I can and cannot do,” she pointed out. “And I can do anything. It… Shouldn’t be that hard. I mean, what will it need? Will it go out and hunt on its own? What do dragons eat?”

Minias looked over his glasses at her, his goat like eyes narrowed to tiny slits. “Do you really want to find out?”


Alyssa shrugged, though she felt a little bit worried. “If it wanted to eat me, it wouldn’t have been savaging the pillows,” she pointed out. “Then you’d have had tiny bits of Alyssa lying around, looking all pathetic.” She looked at the dragon. “No, it must eat something else. I’m guessing… Poultry? I can get it poultry.”

Minias remained quiet, though he was watching the dragon closely. At some point he wrinkled his nose and glanced at his roommate. “And, I’m guessing you’ve gotten used to the smell but – have you seen what it did in the corner of your room?”

Alyssa blinked. “Ah…” She moved so that she could look in a corner that was always pretty chaotic. What she saw, didn’t impress her as she closed her eyes and turned away. “Eeuw.”

Minias nodded wisely. “And it will get bigger.”

Alyssa sniffed, wondering how she had gotten used to that smell. “If I can teach a bunny to be house trained, I can teach a dragon,” she said confidently. “It can’t be that hard. I’ll teach it to go outside.”

Minias gave her a look that said that he didn’t seem very impressed with her reasoning. “And how will you do that?” he queried.

Alyssa grinned and shrugged as if it was the easiest thing in the world. “Why,” she said lightly. “Get it outside.”

To Be Continued…


NaStySuMo – Road of Fame Part 4

Hello everybody.

I have so much to tell you, but because my words aren’t working right now, I decided to carry on with my NaStySuMo project, the Road of Fame. Enjoy! I’ll explain my life to you tomorrow.

Part 4

Some people had thought that technology would inevitably be mankind’s downfall and, to an extent, they were right. Mankind as we knew it started on its path to extinction the first time families started getting together to listen to the new and wonderful invention called the radio. As the radio waves started bouncing through and around our bodies at the beginning of the twentieth century it was fundamentally altering our DNA. Like a jumbled up Rubix cube, our genetic code started to slowly shift and change, though it wasn’t until World War 2 that the effects of it was really realized.

A few, select people, started doing things. The Allies and Axis alike scrambled to collect these people and harness their special abilities, inevitably using their powers as a weapon. Although these people were responsible for the turning of the tide in the Great War, they were kept a secret. At first it was thought to be a very selected phenomena and even in the 1950s when the structure of DNA was discovered by Franklin, Watson and Crick, people weren’t getting too excited about this strange occurrence. Those who displayed these abilities were secreted off to various locations and tested, used for their governments own sinister purposes.

But, as technology advanced at an exponential rate, so did the candidates receptive to these abilities. Soon, the various governments around the world couldn’t hide their existence any longer and in the late 1960’s, when television was established in every state of America, the US government confirmed the existence publically of these ‘super humans’. Their revelation would change the world forever. Families changed, schools changed and inevitably – society followed.

Children were tested and taken from their families to be placed in ‘orientation’ projects. At first, one in every 20 children had this ability, but that soon rose to one in every ten and then one in every five. The orientation projects were soon swamped and special classes were opened up in schools to accommodate the overflow of super humans. By the end of the twentieth century, the phenomena had become so common place that children weren’t tested to see whether or not they had any special abilities but rather to determine the classification of their abilities. Placed on a scale and ‘tagged’, those who had extraordinary powers were put in special schools and programs. Those with minor abilities were marked, but deemed unsuitable and were left to struggle through the normal challenges of teenage life.

Not normal, but not super.

Ordinary for lack of a better explanation.

Average by some standards.

Useless by others.

To Be Continued…