Autumn in the South

I’ve been noticing for the past week that the weather has been slowly but surely changing. Our days are still hot, but there’s a chill in the night and mornings which wasn’t there before. With it being the 1st of March, we’re officially entering my second most favourite season.
I am a winter baby. I was born in the winter and I believe that that fundamentally altered my DNA, imprinting me with a comfort zone of below 21C. That’s about 70F for all you Americans here. I believe that it’s one of the reasons I was so happy in the UK, because I was very rarely really hot. The summers were mild and the evenings always cool (bare in mind, I lived in Wales and Scotland. London’s a different kettle of fish).
I am at my happiest if I can walk around with long sleeved shirts and jeans – the perfect attire for autumn.
Autumn is always a time that signals change. Abroad, leaves start turning the colour of gold and different reds, trees start shedding their leaves and some of the bird species start gathering so that they can start on their long trek to hotter climates. I will never be one of them and heaven forbid that reincarnation ever pulls that joke on me.
This season gives me hope, hope that things will change for the better. That there is always another place to go to if you are uncomfortable. You have to put in extra effort to get there naturally, (the birds don’t take an airplane to Europe) but it will work out for the better. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself holding onto that and feel that things will move towards a goal and equilibrium.
They have to, because it’s Autumn.