The Road of Fame – NaStySuMo Part 1

And finally! August is here and so is NaStySuMo, or National Story of Super Heroes Month, hosted by The NaSty Writing Web. For a recap, this is the month which we decided to dedicate to stories about Superheroes or superpowers. Anybody can join, anybody can write a fic, the idea is to share your stories, have fun and enjoy other people’s writing. If you do not have a blog to host your stories on, you can do it on the NaSty webpage or find a ‘host blog’. Here is my introduction to my story, I’ve been brewing on it for weeks, lol. It’s not much, I haven’t had a lot of time to write, but you’ll soon have more that will follow. J

Warning: I don’t do shorts. 😉


The dog looked up when she entered the shop, its eyes giving her the most considering look she had ever received from a canine. Its mistress however never looked up, her gaze firmly fixed on the PlayStation Portable Console she had worth her. When she approached the counter, the dog whined and nudged her leg. Only at his touch did she blink and look up, her face showing the briefest flash of irritation before she sniffed and smiled.

“Hello,” she said and brushed a curly black bang out of her face. “Can ah help ye?”

She smiled, taking note of the light green band around her wrist. “Yes,” she said. “I would like to exchange some games.”

The young woman blinked and glanced at the carrier bag she had in her hands. Sitting up to look more official, she motioned to the display rack close to the counter labelled ‘pre-owned’.

“We ha’e set prices tha’ we give ye,” she drawled out what must’ve been a well rehearsed line, her welsh accent strong. “If ye game’s not on our system, we can’t take it. Ye can choose any games to the equivalent price from the stand or ah’ll pay ye cash.”

She smiled at the young woman as she put the bag on the table and snuck another look at the dog, who was now quietly staring out of the door, his gaze ever alert. He had one blue eye and one brown eye and appeared to be an Australian Cattle Dog. They were rare in these parts.

“Would it be alright if I just take cash?” she queried. “The games are for my nephews, and I never know what they want…” She paused. “Unless you can make a suggestion or two?”

The shop assistant blinked at her and shook her head with an amused smile as she opened the carrier bag and counted out the games.

“Ah could.” She said. “But most likely, they won’t pay m’ any mind and ye’ll have to make a second trip.” She sniffed and sorted the games into two clear piles.

“Ye see, nobody ever takes female gamers seriously.”

To Be Continued…