Enter The Dragon – Part 3

And, here we go! I decided to continue with the story of the dragon in my room. J It’s short and will remain light hearted. You can find the previous version here. Because of the way it ended though, I added the last paragraph to make reading it easier.


Part 3.

“How do we get rid of it?”

Minias raised an eyebrow and looked at the dragon in a way that for a moment, made Alyssa’s hair stand on end. “Well I can…”

“No you cannot!” she snapped. “Don’t you ever look at anything in my room like that ever again. He is not… Not an ingredient or something! I just want him out, not dead.”

The demon blinked at her and then at the dragon that had turned to look at him, his golden eyes almost glowing. “Well,” he said. “Then I don’t really know. If you can think of a better idea, let me know.”

He turned and readied himself to climb back into his own reality under the bed, leaving Alyssa to gape at him.

Oh no you don’t, she thought and reached out to grab his arm. Quicker than she could react though, the dragon hissed suddenly and swiped its tail at Minias, forcing him to step away from her bed and effectively stopping him from going to his room. The demon jumped back with a surprised Latin curse, while Alyss blinked at the black reptile as it hissed at Minias, its tail twitching in a very cat like manner.

“He doesn’t want you to go,” she pointed out surprised.

Minias cursed again and pushed his smoked glasses back up his nose. “No,” he said sharply. “You don’t want me to go and it picked up on it.”

Impressed, Alyssa grinned at the dragon and tentatively reached out to stroke its head. “Good Draggy Waggy,” she crooned as the dragon relaxed and made a content rumbling sound, butting its head against her hand for more attention. “Keep the demon here until he can be of some help.” She turned to Minias and gave him an expectant look. “You’re scared of him.”

Minias glared at the pair of them and straightened his shirt. “I told you, we must be cautious of its magic.” He gave her an irritated look. “And, it’s difficult to determine what sex it is. Don’t assume it’s male.”

Alyssa raised an eyebrow at him and grinned despite herself. “Whatever,” she said. “My question still remains – how are we getting rid of it and for that matter, what the hell is it doing in my room? How did it get here? And you know – for that matter, how did you end up here?”

The demon sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “It’s rather difficult to explain,” he said but, upon seeing her look as she continued stroking the dragon’s ridged face, continued quickly. “Basically, for some sort of reason, there is a tiny fold in reality – here in your room. It allows for easier access, but it also makes your room safe to hide in. Kind of like hiding between two folds in the sheet of reality. That’s why I choose to stay here and it’s most probably what drew it here.” He pointed to the dragon who had settled down and was once again playing with Alyssa’s pillow.

Alyssa frowned and glanced at the mythical creature. “So it’s hiding here?”

Minias shrugged. “Hiding or staying because it feels safe. The book says that these kind of dragons are often pushed away from their mothers at a very young age. They then find a place of refuge and make their home there. They can be very territorial.” He paused and looked at Alyssa’s expression. “What?”

“You shouldn’t have said that,” she said miserably, making Minias frown.

“What? That they can be territorial?” He made a sound in the back of his throat. “That only becomes a problem if you have another dragon hiding in your room.” He smiled ruefully and gave her an amused look but soon realized that something was still wrong.

Alyssa sighed deeply and gave the dragon a miserable look as it crooned and stretched itself out on her bed again, looking perfectly content with the world.

“No,” she said. “That it feels safe here. How can I kick it out now?!”

To Be Continued…