Enter the Dragon Part 10

Hello everybody,
And – here we go, part 10. 🙂 You can find Part 9 here with a list of where all the others are as well. When I have holiday, I’m going to sort out the ease of browsing a bit.

Enter The Dragon, Part 10

Minias stared at her for several seconds then, said quite smoothly, in the most articulate tone she had ever heard him use;
Alyssa blinked. “Just like that?” she queried.
“Yes,” Minias said simply, but crossed his arms, telling Alyssa that he expected retaliation on her part. “No.”
Alyssa wasn’t going to take that as the easy answer. “Yes or no?” she said queried, even though she knew what he meant.
“No,” Minias said again. “You wanted a dragon, you take care of it.”
Alyssa gave him a look. “I didn’t want him,” she said. “He wanted me. Or my room anyway.”
Minias raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “But you let him stay,” he said. “You didn’t want to kick him out.”
Alyssa made a sound in the back of her throat. “Last time I checked,” she said coldly. “I let you stay too.”
Minias smiled at her, though it wasn’t a pleasant look. “But, you asked me to stay,” he pointed out. “Which I have to say makes me feel as if we’re on even grounds in this.”
Alyssa hesitated, realizing that her side of the argument was slipping a little. “But, I don’t charge you rent,” she said.
“But, I hardly take up any space,” Minias pointed out. “I have my own rooms Alyssa, I just pass through yours to be sociable.”
Alyss’s eyes narrowed. “And catch me naked I’m sure,” she said dryly. “And for that privilege, I would ask you to please take care of my dragon.”
Minias raised an eyebrow. “What?” he queried. “To see you naked?”
“No!” Alyssa snapped. “To pass through my room! Please Minias, I just need you to take care of Will for a couple of hours.”
Minias looked at her blankly. “No.” He said again. “And, really Alyssa – you’ve never asked this of me before, normally he stays in your room. He’s perfectly happy here.”
Alyssa nodded with a touch of dismay and looked at Will who had gone to worry Nikki out of her basket. He wanted to play with the sausage dog (still believing that she’s a dragon) but Nikki was having none of it. She waddled outside and went to lie in the weak winter sun.
“I know,” Alyssa continued her side of the conversation. “But, Will’s been following me around all day. I went to the garage store with almost disastrous consequences. I really want someone to keep him here in my room.”
Minias frowned and looked the young woman up and down. “You’re going riding?” he queried to which Alyssa nodded, making him smile.
“But, that’s perfect Alyssa,” he all but purred. “There’s a lot of space there, you can take him along let him get some exercise. He hasn’t spread his wings properly in all the time he’s been here.”
Alyssa snorted. “If you’re referring to flying,” she said. “I’d rather he don’t attempt that in my room. It could be disastrous.”
Minias raised an eyebrow. “So could me taking care of him,” he pointed out. “Take him with you Alyssa, otherwise let him go entirely because then you are not doing him or his kind a justice keeping him locked up in your room.”
Alyssa growled at him, but realized that he was right. Sighing, she grimaced at Will who was still pestering Nikki. Now that he was outside the room, he was the size of a pony again and the little dog didn’t like it.
“Fine,” she said and grabbed her bag, turning around so that she didn’t have to see Minias’ smug expression. “I just don’t know how I’m going to get him there.”